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The latest tweets from @btsjimin. For example, in 2017 we later got this Bangtan Bomb from Tae’s birthday even though Jimin like I said didn’t say anything on twitter and people were dissapointed. People can feel dissapointed of course, but I am sure Vmin themselves don’t mind not getting anything online from each other. A recent tweet by BTS member Jimin left fans confused as he apologised on a social media platform. The fans of the K-pop musician wondered who is he apologising to and for what. It was later revealed that the singer was trying to spread awareness about an unfortunate case that has shaken South Korea. The latest tweets from @btsjimin.


“Jimin’s BE-Log is short and sweet.”


Jimin’s BE-Log trended on Youtubeworldwide and has gained 3 million views in less than 24 hours from its release. Further, Jimin also trended on Twitter worldwide and in several other countries following the release of his BE-Log.

On March 1, BTS posted a BE_Log Schedule Timeline on its official Twitter account. Among the most anticipated logs is that of member, main dancer and lead vocalist Park Jimin which was scheduled to be released on March 7.

Jimin’s fans could not contain their excitement for the log and expressed their messages of love and support hours before the scheduled release. As such, Jimin began trending even before the release of his BE-Log and continued as fans could not stop watching his short but sweet log.

Just a few hours after the posting of Jimin’s BE-Log, Jimin trended on Twitter real-time trends with 2 Keywords Worldwide, 68 Trends in total; Trended in 20 countries including USA, UK, Canada, France, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Malaysia, Turkey, Poland, Colombia, Peru and Thailand. Jimin trended with 10 different keywords.

Further, Jimin is the highest-ranking trending member on Japan’s Twipple as the placed #3 after the release of his BE-Log.

Jimin’s BE-Log is also the first and only log among the members to trend on Youtube Worldwide within 24 hours from its release. It was reported to have trended at #14 in 15 countries under “Overall” category of Youtube. As of the time of this writing, the video has climbed to #13 on Youtube Worldwide Trending videos.

The video has surpassed 3 million views and more than 927K likes in just 18 hours.

Jimin’s BE-Log is a 1 minute and 24 second clip which shows Jimin’s daily life as a member of the biggest boy group in the world. The video features “Telepathy” by BTS as the background music which is perfect for the message it wants to convey. As usual, Jimin expressed his love for the fans through his log. The song is perfect due to its lyrics which states “We may be far apart now but our hearts are still the same; Even if you’re not by my side, you know we’re together.” Jimin has once again touched the hearts of the fans who are also already longing to see him in person.

Watch Jimin’s BE-Log here:

BTS Jimin wished the fans a good day and reminds them to not skip meals with a charming and lovable selca. Jimin’s fans, in return, showed their appreciation and trends worldwide.

On March 27, 2021, Jimin posted on Twitter another heartwarming message for the fans. Jimin said, “Hope you have a happy day too. Keyboard with thumbstick. And make sure not to skip meals. #JIMIN”

Jimin has always shown his special affection for the fans and is always concerned for their happiness and welfare. Consequently, the fans appreciate every chance Jimin gets to remind them to take care and to cheer for them. As the fans showed their appreciation for Jimin’s latest message, Jimin trended worldwide on Twitter.

Jimin, dubbed as the “Trending Emperor”, trended worldwide and in 17 countries with 9 related keywords such as Jiminie, 지민이두 (Jiminie too), 우리 지민 (Our Jimin), Mimi, Park Jimin, #btsjimin, etc.

Jimin also trended on Japan’s Twipple real-time celebrity ranking.

Jimin Twitter Selcas

Jimin Twitter

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of MTV UK posted a petition for Jiminie to start a self-care Youtube channel and got the approval of the fans. This is because Jimin has been posting countless reminders and messages about managing oneself and it would be great to likewise see it on the Youtube platform.

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Jimin has consistently received praises and admiration for his eloquence and kind words, especially when communicating with the fans. Here are some of the messages he has sent to the fans in the past.

For the Weverse Interview last November 2020, Jimin wondered if there’s someone in each of his fans’ lives to ask them if they’re doing okay.

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During his congratulatory speech during Dear Class of 2020, a virtual graduation event, Jimin told fans that he worries about their health, hoped that they are doing well, and reassured them that it will be okay.

After the Grammy Awards have been announced, Jimin immediately went to Twitter to comfort fans because he got worried and thanked them for their continuous support.

On March 8, he reminded the fans to wear proper clothes for the cold weather so as not to catch a cold.

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During special occasions like New Year’s Day, Jimin never forgets to send fans greetings and appreciation messages. To welcome the year 2021, he thanked all of the ARMYs who cheered on them during the year-end show and hoped for many blessings for them in the coming year.

Jimin also reminded fans that, during this pandemic, it is important to stay warm and always wear face masks.

Jimin also showed his concern for the fans during bad weather and ask them to keep safe and dry.

Lastly, he also encourages fans to spend precious time with their families and loved ones.

Thank you for your kind and special words Jimin!