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100 nylon bristle paint brush. Radical left ‘journalist’ for the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin had a total meltdown on Twitter after President Donald Trump announced he would be returning to the White House after a weekend at the hospital to combat COVID-19. “If he falls ill and relapses or infects anyone else his doctors will be responsible,” Rubin tweeted. I haven’t made an effort yet to see how far back I need to go if in WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin’s timeline on Twitter to find the last time she mentioned anything that might remotely be considered a “conservative” thought. The WaPo ostensibly holds her out to the public as one of its “conservative” voices on its OpEd page.

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My Twitter blurb used to describe me as a “conservative opinion writer.” Now it reads: “NeverTrump, pro-democracy opinion writer.” Why the change?
Let’s be honest: There is no conservative movement or party today. There is a Republican Party thoroughly infused with racism and intellectually corrupted by right-wing nationalism. But there is no party that believes in less or small government (though expect the GOP to hypocritically resume singing that tune as soon as a Democrat steps into the Oval Office).
If you say you are a staunch defender of the rule of law, that you are devoted to ending systematic racism, that you are an advocate of legal immigration, that you believe in objective reality (including climate change science) and that you think illiberal regimes such as Russia are our greatest foreign threat, the party of Trump will lash out at you. They will accuse you of Trump derangement syndrome and dub you a “fake” conservative. Well, they have a point. Because conservatives no longer seem to champion any of those positions (or free trade or American international leadership or NATO), it is hard to say I fit in any longer.