Install Windows Virtualbox Mac

What is VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is a free virtualization program that allows you to run any OS on your computer by downloading a virtual machine. Try MacOS on your Windows PC, or install Windows apps on your Mac PC.

Try a virtual machine with VirtualBox

It is free to use, has an outstanding performance, excellent quality on the virtual machine, and the downloading process is really easy.

Virtualization is very different from emulators. VirtualBox runs on your computer as a guest, so it thinks it is the host, but in reality, the code is not allowed to make any changes on the host, your PC.

This program is very helpful for small businesses or personal use. Download any app or software through VirtualBox, see how it runs on there, and then decide if you want it on your computer or not. If you’re in need of a specific app, but your software doesn’t support it, use VirtualBox to simulate a PC on your computer.

VirtualBox runs on every OS. You can install it on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. Its broad compatibility makes it perfect for everyone, one of the best features of this program.

Using visualization is a great alternative to outright installing Windows 10, or newer builds, that allows users to try new features without risking any damage to their system. This guide will use VirtualBox as it is a free and readily available visualization solution. Installing Oracle VirtualBox on a Mac Requirement: A Mac desktop or.laptop running OSX, At least 32GB of free drive space (either internal or external). Root access, Windows 10 ISO from or Microsoft DreamSpark.

The downloading is pretty easy, press the download button, install it, and create your virtual machine with any software you want. No need to struggle with the long installation process, this one is short and easy.

VirtualBox is a great program where you can try different operating systems on your computer and for free.

Is there a better alternative?

No. It is often compared with VMware Workstation, but it doesn’t have the quality that VirtualBox offers, and also the downloading process is a lot simpler. With its free service and great performance, nothing beats it.

Where can you run this program?

VirtualBox can run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, and a lot more. It is basically available to any computer on the market.

Our take

VirtualBox is the best free virtualization app out there. You run your favorite OS on your computer, download any app, and try new things without making permanent changes.

Should you download it?

Yes. This is very useful for those who want a specific app, but their OS doesn’t support it. In this virtual machine you can run any app or program.


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Broad compatibility
  • Free download


  • Difficult to get support
  • Sometimes unstable
  • Some features are a bit more difficult to get working

VirtualBoxfor Mac


Install Windows Xp Virtualbox Mac Os X

Installing Windows on Mac OS using VirtualBox0

VirtualBox is an ultimate emulator, capable to emulate any operational system in virtual mode and any software, which is runnable on that specific OS. In VirtualBox you receive all the standard working features, that are applicable to the environment, including shared folders, USB-handlers, drag-n-drop mechanism, network connection with the external network card and virtual hardware, the ability to copy file objects from host to guest OS and vice versa, etc. VirtualBox supports almost any contemporary systems, including FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, Windows and, of course, Mac OS. In this article I’m going to describe, how to install Windows on Mac OS using VirtualBox.

Install Windows Virtualbox Mac

On the first iteration you will have to download the VirtualBox distributive from the official web-site, applicable to the Mac OS environment, and install it onto the hard drive. In order to do this, you will to switch to the “Downloads” page and select an archive, appropriate for the Mac OS system. When the installation archive is downloaded, run it.

In order to start the setting up process of VirtualBox virtual machine on Mac OS, open VirtualBox app and click the New button, so that the new virtual machine is created.

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From now the VM wizard starts, which will accompany you through all the stages of virtual machine generation. The wizard will ask you to input the name of the VM instance, disk size, memory size and OS type.

On the first stage you will be asked for the name of virtual machine and OS type. The name can be absolutely random, think over something bright and special. As far as we are going to emulate Windows OS in our virtual environment, in the “Operating system” field choose “Microsoft Windows” value. The version is specified depending on your desire and preferences. In my case I choose Windows 7 version, you specify the one, which you need.

On the next stage the wizard prompts you to specify the amount of RAM, dedicated for the emulated VM. As this space will be used exceptionally on the virtual environment purposes, leave this value set by default.

If you still have not created a virtual disk for emulated system, the wizard will suggest you to create one. In order to do this, click the New button. After that you will have define, whether you require a fixed or dynamic type of disk, its name and size. For each of these options a specific form is designed, so all the operations are performed sequentially, step-by-step.

Install Windows Using Virtualbox Mac

Proceed with the wizard instructions further and at last the new virtual machine would be created. Now the time has come to pick the Windows OS CD/DVD and to configure it in the system. On the start, choose Settings option.

In the Storage category switch to the CD/DVD-ROM tab. If you have a physical CD/DVD disk and an optical device for reading the data from it, choose the Host CD/DVD Drive in the Mount CD/DVD Drive section and click the OK button. If you possess the ISO-file with virtual image of the OS, select the ISO Image File option instead.

After the settings of the optical disk are completed, click on the new virtual machine pictogram in order to initialize the virtual machine and the Windows installation process. The routine of Windows installation does not differ from ordinary setting procedure on your PC. Follow the displayed instructions and soon the Windows OS will be installed.

Basically, the interface of VirtualBox on Mac OS is similar to the Windows design, the difference is based on Aqua graphical theme only, which is applicable to all the Mac OS program tools. Try setting up VirtualBox on Mac OS and you won’t be frustrated, that’s for sure.