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Harris 102021010 Woodwork Gloss, 1 x 1, 1 x 1.5, 1 x 2 Paint Brushes, Grey, White, silver with Black bristles 4.8 out of 5 stars 65 £5.51 £ 5. Paint Brushes and Rollers. Patronized by Sri Lankan painters for close to a century, Harris® paint brushes is the market leader in quality decorating tools, paint brushes and rollers in Sri Lanka. With effect from 1st September 2018, the No.1 paintbrush manufacturer in the United Kingdom, L.G Harris & Co. Ltd appointed JAT Holdings Limited. As an exclusive Harris paint brush manufacturer, distributor and marketer for its range of Harris. Harris manufacturers various decorating products from paint brushes and rollers to trimming knives and scrapers. Find Harris paint brushes & rollers at B&M.


The Best Harris Paint Brush Reviews – Top Selection

Harris paint brushes manufacturer does have a history of producing quality brushes to support a variety of painting tasks. Several professionals go unanimously, with the brand as they find their brushes to be comfortable and easy for performing large scale painting jobs. The reputation of the brand is excellent which is evident with such an overwhelming response which comes from the people using their tools.

Pack of 3 Platinum wooden handle paint brush set combining the best of old and new. A premium sealed hardwood handle and stainless steel ferrule are paired with a blend of finest natural bristle with synthetic filaments for an exceptionally smooth finish. Harris Platinum 5 Piece Brush Set. High Quality Paint Brushes ideal for re-use. Set Includes 5 Brushes – 2 x 1”, 2 x 1.5” and a 2”.

Top products from Harris brand Brushes:

Harris Platinum Paint Brushes Colors


The Harris brand has produced some really amazing tools to impress both the professionals and hobbyists who are into all kind of painting jobs. The following are their top 3 products that you will see in the market:

Harris Taskmaster Paint Brush 2 inch


The Taskmaster range from the Harris brand is excellent in terms of their performance and quality. This 2 inch brush from the range is one excellent tool that you can have for small painting tasks including edges, windows and fences, etc. The product is enriched with the standard which all the products from Harris have. It is an affordable option which will run for a long time. It has a black and an orange finish which looks dapper. The weight of the item is just 0.3 ounces which will do any household painting job comfortably without having any element of hand fatigue. The grip is ergonomic and this will surely benefit you in longer painting jobs. The tool is suitable for a variety of purposes of paint and varnish. It will give a very even and smooth finishing of paint.

Harris Paint brush 3 inches Woodcare 10630

This 75mm or 3 inch brush is another spectacular venture from Harris brand. It has excellent bristle quality which guarantees the integrity of the paint no matter wherever you apply. Its limited size makes it suitable for small scale jobs such as painting of windows, doors, fences, skirting and other small objects at home. The tips of the bristles are very important to be intact, especially when you are applying paint around the edges where you are looking to make a fine sharp line. If this is the case, then this 3 inch brush from Harris is the one to have in your hands to do your job comfortably. The grip is ergonomic and you will feel the lightweight to be an excellent option for making the most of your time while painting anything at your home.

Harris 4 inch paint brush Taskmaster

This is a nice 4 inch big brush which will be a great asset in your arsenal for looking after some large scale painting work. You can use this brush with full confidence for the painting purposes of your walls, ceilings, floors, doors and even windows. It might not be too productive around the edges due to its size, but otherwise it will give you a fine performance. The black and orange finish in the handle gives a nice ergonomic touch which will make this tool very easy to use. The integrity of the bristles will remain intact for a longer time.

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All these above mentioned brushes could help you achieve your painting goals easily and accurately without messing up the strokes and giving you a fine finish.