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Other than HandBrake, you still have other choices to encode HEVC/H.265 with HandBrake alternatives. Media is the best HandBrake alternative that could help you encode media files to videos and audios in 200+ formats like DVD to MP4, DVD to AAC, DVD to MOV, DVD to MP3, etc. In different codecs, like H.264, H.265, MPEG, etc. HandBrake owns the ability to both rip DVDs and convert movie files. More often, users may encounter with Handbrake 1.0.0 won't rip entire DVD movie like stops at xx% or first chapter, or HandBrake 1.0.7 crashes at the beginning. Sometimes, there are also cases where HandBrake stops encoding when it comes to digital file conversion.

Handbrake is popular with huge numbers of people as a free and open-source transcoder. Since it has been developed for years, the updating versions and functions have provided great conveniences for its users. However, there still exist some problems during using this program. When you add the DVD file, Handbrake you must first scan a source error appears. You may be confused about the problem and have no idea about it.

The Causes and Solutions of no Valid Source Sound Handbrake

1.One obvious cause is inserted DVD disc has been damaged or scratched. You can play this video in DVD player to check that. If the DVD disc has been damaged, Handbrake can’t read it and Handbrake no valid source found message will pop up.

2. Handbrake no valid source found issues is also caused by Handbrake. Update it to the latest version and try to rip your DVD again.

Handbrake no valid source found macbook

3.The third reason is the most common reason. The DVD you want to rip is a copy-protected one. So Handbrake can’t remove this DVD. One effective method is to install libdvdcss that can unscramble the encrypted DVD. Some DVD players like VLC apply this libdvdcss library to decrypt DVD for playing. So you can install the third-party player, VLC and then rip the commercial DVD with Handbrake, as well.

4.Maybe you have updated Handbrake and installed the VLC players, but handbrake DVD no valid source found problem still can’t be fixed. It’s noticeable that VLC player must be corresponding with Handbrake, 32 bit VLC for 32 bit Handbrake, and 64 bit VLC player for 64 bit Handbrake. You can download the 32-bit systems or the 64-bit systems libdvdcss and install that.

Best Handbrake Alternative to Solve Handbrake no Valid Source Found Issue

Handbrake No Title Found

To fix Handbrake you must first scan a source problem, in most cases, you need to install the third-party player and update the related library. It takes more times but many people still can’t figure the whole thing out. To find a Handbrake alternative without the need of the extra third-party player can save more spaces for your PC and more times for you.

Wondefox DVD Ripper Speedy is considered to be a free and functional Handbrake alternative. With the advanced DVD protection removal technology, WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy can remove DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM and Cinavia Protection without the problem Handbrake you must first scan a source and convert DVD to MPEG fast.

Free download and install it now.


3 Easy Steps to Rip DVD

Launch this DVD ripper, and you will find that there are multiple-options for you adding the files. You can choose the DVD disc, ISO image or DVD folders, which depends on what type the DVD file is. Set DVD disc as an example. Clicking the DVD disc button and select your targeted file. After that, the DVD ripper can analysis the file and convert Disc to digital one quickly. It’s noticeable that this program can also convert ISO image and convert Video-TS to play it on your devices.

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Handbrake No Valid Source Found Mac

Fix Handbrake can’t find source

The smart program has found the main movie automatically, which can avoid the no title found problem as you may come across with Handbrake. You still want to rip the other titles, such as the feature, ads and so forth, just check the box on the upper right of the title.

Meanwhile, the program has provided the smart-fit settings for you, but you can reset the encoder, bitrate, and resolution for your own needs.

Rip the DVD

Tap the Run button to finish DVD ripping. Now you can find the output files by clicking Open Folder.

Last step to rip DVD

Handbrake No Valid Source Found Macbook Pro

TIP: You can also edit your videos and add subtitles by this Wonderfox DVD Ripper Speedy. Generally, this DVD Ripper can fulfill your basic needs to back up your DVD as video absolutely.

Compared with Handbrake, Wonderfox DVD Ripping Speedy doesn’t need third-party software to solve the ’no valid source found’ error that Handbrake occurs. Easier operation works as more effective method.

Now, please download the Free DVD Ripper to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox Free DVD Ripper (Speedy)

  • Convert DVD to MPEG video for fast back-up
  • Rip both home-made and copy-protected DVDs you own
  • Enhance the video quality
  • Reset the bit rate and encoder of output video for your own need.
  • Offer a built-in editor to add special effects
  • Support adding and disable subtitles by yourself

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. It can convert video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It is free and open source and supports multi-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux).

It has built-in device presets which is optimized for specific device, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. You could also choose a universal profile for standard or high quality conversions if your device is not listed. It is quite simple and easy to operate, just several clicks.

It is not exaggerated to say that when thinking of converting videos between different format, HandBrake rises on my mind shortly. Are there any format that HandBrake does not support? For example, the .m4v format? Lots of people concern about the question “whether HandBrake could convert M4V videos or not” like below:

I have some .m4v files saved on my desktop that I want to be able to watch on my Samsung galaxy note. I downloaded HandBrake with the intention of converting the .m4v into .mp4 format which my phone can play. When pointing HandBrake to the source file to convert on my computer (the saved .m4v), HandBrake comes back with “No Valid Source Found”. I was under the impression HandBrake could convert .m4v into .mp4. Was I mistaken?
How can I convert movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes from m4v to mp4?? Or can I even do that given they are copy protected? I am wondering if Handbrake could do that?

The answer is: you can convert some M4V videos to MP4 with HandBrake while some cannot be.

First we need to know that there are two kinds of M4V files generally: one is DRM protected and the other is DRM free. HandBrake can convert DRM free M4V files to MP4 freely, but in terms of DRM protected M4V files, it cannot.

When clicking Source to select iTunes Movie (*.m4v) to HandBrake, the movie information was not shown under the Title column like other videos. Although we are able to change output settings, it is out of luck to convert with a pop-up error window. HandBrake couldn’t detect the iTunes protected M4V video, let alone convert to other format.

Apple uses M4V to encode video files, such as TV episodes, movies, and music videos, in its iTunes Store. The copyright of M4V files may be protected by using Apple’s FairPlay DRM copy protection. To play a protected M4V file, the computer needs to be authorized (using iTunes) with the account that was used to purchase the video.

If you want to convert iTunes M4V video to MP4 or other formats and play them in any device you want, you have to remove the DRM first. The free DRM removal called Requiem once worked, however, it is no longer compatible with iTunes 10.7 or above. As the best alternative to Requiem, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus could help converting iTunes protected M4V videos to MP4 or others with lossless quality. Like HandBrake, it completes the conversion process with simple clicks.

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What is different with HandBrake, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is a shareware. It costs $49.95 with lifetime free updates and technical support.

We also made a list of iTunes DRM Removal Tools to introduce the excellent DRM removers to convert iTunes M4P songs, Apple Music, Spotify, audiobook, eBooks and etc.

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