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February 25th, 2011 - MACBOOK PRO SHOOTOUT: Last Year versus This Year (Geekbench, Cinebench, and HandBrake results for 17' and 13' models) February 24th, 2011 - EARLY PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: 2011 'Sandy Bridge' MacBook Pros. February 18th, 2011 - PART TWO: NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac running OS X Pro Apps (versus three other GPUs). 2021 DVDコピー無料ソフト #5Handbrake. 2021 DVDリッピングフリーソフトおすすめ度:⭐⭐⭐⭐ 対応OS:Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.4以降 日本語対応:可能 開発しつつある 入力形式:DVDディスク、DVDフォルダ、ISOイメージ、ブルーレイ. Apr 14, 2021 The latest version added support for MacOS Catalina, an interface that leverages the new operating system, and the ability to navigate via your keyboard. You can choose a four-week free trial.

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The following is the minimum level of hardware that HandBrake supports.

  • Processor:
    • Intel Core (4th generation and newer) i3, i5, i7, i9 or equivalent Xeon
    • AMD Ryzen, Threadripper or Epyc
  • Free memory:
    • 1 GB for transcoding standard definition video (480p/576p)
    • 2 GB for transcoding high definition video (720p/1080p)
    • 6 GB or more for transcoding ultra high definition video (2160p 4K)
  • System storage:
    • 150 MB for the HandBrake app
    • 2 GB or more recommended for processing and storing your new videos
  • Display resolution:
    • 1024x768 minimum, proportionately higher with display scaling

While it may be technically possible to run HandBrake on hardware not meeting these requirements, it is neither recommended nor supported.

Hardware encoders

Please see the specific documentation pages for these encoders for further details.


The following describes the level of support available for the current HandBrake version as indicated by the status for each system version.


Status Description Support Level Maintenance
Supported HandBrake is maintained and tested working on these system versions. The HandBrake Team and community members provide volunteer support. Issue reports are welcome and addressed based on team availability.
Deprecated HandBrake might work on these system versions with limitations. No support will be provided. Most issues will likely not be addressed. Please update to enjoy the latest features and bug fixes.
Unsupported HandBrake does not work or is severely limited on these system versions. No support will be provided. No issues will be addressed, regardless of severity. Updating as soon as possible is highly recommended.

BSD and Linux


HandBrake is supported on FreeBSD stable and maintenance versions.

FreeBSD Version Status Last Compatible Version Notes
FreeBSD 12 Supported
FreeBSD 11 Supported


HandBrake is supported on Fedora stable and maintenance versions until their end of life.

Fedora Version Status Last Compatible Version Notes
Fedora 32 Supported
Fedora 31 Supported
Fedora 30 Deprecated in 1.3.0 End of life.
Fedora 29 Unsupported HandBrake 1.3.1 End of life.
Fedora 28 Unsupported HandBrake 1.3.1 End of life.


HandBrake is supported on the most recent Ubuntu LTS version until a new LTS version is released. Support for older LTS versions may be provided via Flatpak.

Interim (non-LTS) versions are typically supported until their end of life.

Ubuntu Version Status Last Compatible Version Notes
20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Supported Flatpak, PPA, and source.
18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Deprecated in 1.3.0 HandBrake 1.3.0 Flatpak only.
16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus Unsupported HandBrake 1.1.2 Various issues affect operability.
14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Unsupported HandBrake 1.1.2 End of life (standard support).


While no official support for other systems is provided, HandBrake’s Flatpak binaries are widely compatible, and documentation is provided for compiling from source on a variety of BSDs and Linux distributions. Hardware encoding support may be limited or unavailable on these systems.

See Where to get HandBrake, Building HandBrake for BSD, and Building HandBrake for Linux, for additional details.


HandBrake is supported on recent versions of macOS1.

macOS Version Status Last Compatible Version Notes
11 Big Sur Supported Requires HandBrake 1.4 or later.
10.15 Catalina Supported Requires HandBrake 1.2.2 or later.
10.14 Mojave Supported Requires HandBrake 1.1.2 or later.
10.13 High Sierra Unsupported 1.3.3 End of life
10.12 Sierra Unsupported 1.3.3 End of life.
10.11 El Capitan Unsupported 1.2.0 End of life.
10.10 Yosemite Unsupported 1.1.2 End of life.
10.9 Mavericks Unsupported 1.1.2 End of life.
10.8 Mountain Lion Unsupported 1.1.2 End of life.
10.7 Lion Unsupported 1.1.2 End of life.
10.6 Snow Leopard Unsupported 0.10.5 End of life.

VLC is recommended for viewing media files, notably Matroska (MKV), which is not natively supported on macOS.


HandBrake requires the .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.x

Windows Version Status Last Compatible Version Notes
Windows 10 Supported
Windows 8.1 Unsupported 1.3.3 End of life.
Windows 7 SP1 Unsupported 1.3.3 End of life.
Windows Vista Unsupported 1.0.7 End of life.
Windows XP Unsupported 0.9.9 End of life.

VLC is recommended for viewing media files.

Display scaling

Display scaling beyond 100% requires a proportionately higher resolution to fit the higher density interface graphics in the same physical space. For example, HandBrake will fit within the bounds of a 1920x1080 (FHD) resolution display at 100% and 125% scaling, but not at 150% and higher.

The following is a list of common display scales and corresponding standard resolutions that meet HandBrake’s requirements. Higher resolutions may also be used.

Scaling Minimum Height 4:3 Aspect 16:10 Wide Aspect 16:9 Wide Aspect 21:9 Ultrawide Aspect
100% 768 pixels 1024x768 (XGA) 1280x800 (WXGA), 1440x900 (WSXGA/WXGA+) 1366x768 (WXGA), 1600x900 (HD+) 2160x900 (WHD+)
125% 960 pixels 1280x960 (SXGA−), 1400x1050 (SXGA+) 1680x1050 (WSXGA+) 1920x1080 (FHD) 2560x1080 (WFHD)
150% 1152 pixels 1600x1200 (UXGA) 1920x1200 (WUXGA) 2048x1152 (QWXGA) 2880x1200 (WFHD+)
175% 1344 pixels 2048x1536 (QXGA) 2560x1600 (WQXGA) 2560x1440 (WQHD) 3440x1440 (WQHD)
200% 1536 pixels 2048x1536 (QXGA) 2560x1600 (WQXGA) 3200x1800 (QWXGA+) 3840x1600 (UW4K)
225% 1728 pixels 2800x2100 (QSXGA+) 3840x2400 (WQUXGA) 3200x1800 (QWXGA+) 4320x1800 (WQHD+)
250% 1920 pixels 2800x2100 (QSXGA+) 3840x2400 (WQUXGA) 3840x2160 (4K UHD-1) 5120x2160 (WUHD)
300% 2304 pixels 3200x2400 (QUXGA) 3840x2400 (WQUXGA) 5120x2880 (5K) 5760x2400 (UW5K)
350% 2688 pixels 4096x3072 (HXGA) 5120x3200 (WHXGA) 5120x2880 (5K) 6880x2880 (UW6K)

Handbrake Mac 10.6.8

HandBrake will fit within any display resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio or wider, meeting or exceeding the minimum height for the associated scaling amount. If your display resolution meets or exceeds the minimum and HandBrake does not fit within its bounds, you will need to reduce your display scaling.

Handbrake Mac Os Catalina

Handbrake Mac Os Catalina Patcher

  1. Since Apple does not publish support periods, common convention is to consider a macOS version end of life once security updates cease being offered, typically 2–3 years after initial release.↩