Genshin Impact Vermeer Paintbrush

Misi ini merupakan misi dari Vermeer dimana pada awalnya kita diharuskan mencari lokasi paintbrush, kemudian paintbrush ini di bawa ke si vermer. Pokonya misi awal paint brush berada di luhua pool kemudian misi yang keduanya berada di sebrang yu kita lihat map dari luhua ini. Ungkap Rahasia Dari Luhua Pool Genshin Impact. A very interesting quest in Genshin Impact is the Vermeer Quest, which shows off some of the best landscapes the Liyue region has to offer. Vermeer, the quest giver, can be located south of the Luhau Pool, but the quest called Luhau Landscape, like many others, is split into two different parts.

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The world of Genshin Impact has a lot to discover, including both items and quests. They are often intertwined, as in the case of the Luhua landscape quest. To do this, you will need to talk to the artist who lost their drawing supplies, which will lead you to search for Vermeer brushes. Lucky for you, we know exactly where they are. Here you can find Vermeer’s brushes and paints and complete the Luhua Landscape quest.

How to find a Vermeer brush and paint In Genshin Impact

Genshin impact look for vermeer's paintbrush and paint Locations/side quest guideGenshin Impact Gameplay,Guides,playthrough, secrects, farminghttps://www.y. Look for Vermeer's paintbrushes and paints Genshin Impact quest video. This video shows how to complete Luhua Landscape Look for Vermeer's paintbrushes and paints Genshin Impact mission. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. Where To Find Vermeers Paintbrushes And Paint In Genshin Impact After you get the quest, the first item can be found near a war stone in the area. You can find it here on the map. There are books and supplies scattered about near the warp stone.

The Luhua Landscape quest begins at the Luhua pool in the area known as Liyue. A quest giver named Vermeer is trying to draw a lake, but for some reason he lost his brush and paint. You need to use his sketches to find Vermeer’s brushes and return them to complete his masterpiece.

GenshinGenshin impact vermeer paintbrush location

Where to FIND VERMEER brushes

The first step is to find the missing brushes. One of Vermeer’s brushes is located on the West side of Luhua pond, on a cliff, not far from the main stone. You can walk there if you want, but it’s much faster to use fast travel. On arrival, look for a glowing yellow object on the ground next to the tree trunk.

Map of the Genshin Impact Vermeer brush location

Vermeer’s second brush can be found right on the opposite side of the lake. It is located on the Eastern Bank next to the nearby ruins. Step away from the ruins and turn West to see a Bush glowing on the ground near the broken bridge.

With both brushes in your inventory, go back to Vermeer and talk to him to start the second part of the quest.

FIND A strange stone


As soon as you return the brushes to Vermeer, he will give the strange stone. To complete the next part of the quest, you will need to find another one of these unusual stones.

Map of the location of stones

Fortunately, it doesn’t require much effort. Another Strange rock can be found around the South side of the Luhua basin, especially near the rocky ledges. Check the map above to find out its specific location.

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After collecting another Strange stone, go back to Vermeer. As soon as he makes his speech, look at the two warrior statues nearby to see the empty holes in the statues ‘ helmets. You need to climb the statues and insert stones to remove the seal on the nearest element switch. Fosmon mini bluetooth keyboard.

At this stage, you will need to activate the switch, which requires skills in working with geographical coordinates. If your character doesn’t have geographical bindings, you’ll need to switch to the one that does. Noelle is a good choice if you have one. In addition, you can go to the statue of Seven in Liyue to change the Traveler’s abilities.

When you flick the switch, a timed battle will begin. These enemies shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, but you only have 90 seconds to destroy them. Work faster. After they are defeated, the door to the temple will open.

Go inside the temple to get quest rewards by keeping an eye on nearby spiders. You must find three different chests inside, with artifacts and prisms, as well as experience

You’re almost done. Once you have looted the temple, return to Vermeer near the ruins of the Luhua pool. Talk to him one last time to unlock an achievement and earn five prisms.

Genshin Impact Vermeer Paintbrush

One of the most rewarding world quests in Genshin Impact is the Luhua Landscape quest, which offers players three chests as a reward for finding the the renowned artist Vermeer's paintbrush.

In order to start the quest you need to talk to Vermeer at Luhua Pool, and it is recommended to start this quest at least at Level 30. He will ask you to bring back his tools, which will allow you to unlock the way into the Luhua ruins that contain the reward chests.

Vermeer's Paintbrush Locations

There are two Vermeer's paintbrush locations, which can be found on the opposite sides of the Luhua Pool (see the map above for the exact spots).

There you will find two backpacks filled with paints and paintbrushes. Take both of them and bring them back to Vermeer.

This will allow you to proceed with the rest of the Luhua landscape quest.

Defeat Abyss Mages


After talking to Vermeer you need to investigate the stone markers on the terrace ponds. These strange stones you will find need to be inserted into the two statues at Luhua Pool.

Then, use a Geo skill (Noelle's shield will do in a pinch) to activate the central monument of the ruins at Luhua Pool. This will open up the doors into the ruins.


Inside the ruins you will face three abyss bosses:

  • Cryo Mage
  • Hydro Mage
  • Pyro Mage

Defeat all three of them and collect the loot from the three chests that will be unlocked as a reward of the ruins.

Genshin Impact Vermeer Paintbrush Location

That's all you need to know on how to get Vermeer's paintbrush. If this guide was helpful, consider checking out our other Genshin Impact tips articles, which include lists on best weapons, best characters, and best team compositions, as well as a tier list guide on best artifacts!