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  • Boycott Genshin Impact Trending on Twitter Join Pokde Telegram Channel Given how there are millions of players on it right, it’s surprising to see a boycott Genshin Impact movement seemingly from out of nowhere pop up. The movement started on 6th April 2021 with a variety of players voicing out their concerns over the popular MMORPG.
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  • The Japanese twitter account for Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, soon on Switch) recently got trolled into retweeting a dick joke through its follow and retweet campaign.Ever since the JRPG.
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Over the past six months to a year, Genshin Impact has earned its fair share of plaudits.

The free-to-play title, developed by miHoYo, has taken the world by storm across both the PlayStation platforms and mobile devices.

The game is loved by fans for a variety of reasons, including strong characters, an engrossing gameplay loop and constant updates. These updates tend to happen every six weeks or so and help to keep the game fresh.

Genshin Impact Twitter

Unfortunately, however, not all is rosy within the gacha hit, as today, April 6, Boycott Genshin started trending on Twitter – here’s everything we know about it.

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Why do people want to Boycott Genshin Impact?

Across the hashtag and Twitter trend, a variety of reasons have been listed by players as reasons for a boycott. These have included:

  • The sexualisation of one of the game’s younger characters (Flora).
  • Few options to play as characters who are not white in skin tone.
  • A potential villainization of Indigenous people within the game.
  • A variety of security concerns, particularly regarding a lack of two-factor authentication.
  • The release strategy of the game’s different content drops.

At the time of writing miHoYo has not responded to the comments and complaints building on Twitter (Tuesday, April 6th).

What’s next for Genshin Impact?

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Not too long ago, players got the opportunity to dive into Genshin Impact 1.4 and now, most likely by the end of this month, players will be able to dive into Genshin 1.5.

As always, this next update is likely to bring a whole host of changes for players to get excited about.

Keep it locked with DualShockers as we update you on everything Genshin Impact related over the coming weeks.

'Genshin Impact' players are currently upset with the game developer's character representation of Hilichurls.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @XINYANLUVB0T)
#BoycottGenshinImpact Trends on Twitter: Here's Why Players Want Hilichurls to Have New Appearance
Genshin Impact Twitter

why are hilichurls kinda cute

— deja 🖤 (@XINYANLUVB0T) March 30, 2021

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If you haven't played the game yet or encountered this enemy, Hilichurls are a goblin-like group of monsters that roam around various areas in the popular adventure game.

Genshin Impact Twitter Lumie

They are the primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's Wilderness. New players and old fans know that these characters are the first monsters they will encounter in the title.

Genshin Impact Twitter Jp

Don't get me wrong, it's important to have poc represented + genshin world is a fictional place and since the rest isn't historical accurate, yall can shut up with that accuracy argument. #boycottgenshinimpact

— Hina✨ (@xHinakyo) April 6, 2021

However, some players are disappointed with their looks and want MiHoYo to change the appearances of Hilichurls. Because of this, the new #BoycottGenshinImpact is now trending on Twitter.

Here are other details you should know:

#BoycottGenshinImpact's explanation

According to HITC's latest report, players show various reasons why they are trying to cancel the popular role-playing game, specifically with how the 'Genshin Impact' monsters are portrayed. Here are some of the reasons:

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @hopefulvibe) #BoycottGenshinImpact Trends on Twitter: Here's Why Players Want Hilichurls to Have New Appearance

'oMg thEy bAseD ofF hiLicHurls on iNdiGeNouS pPl'
'WhY is KaeYa anD XinYAn arE oNly 2 dArK Skinned TonE CharAcTeRs!'
'OmG fLorA iS a cHiLD wHy DoEs Ulfr 'aN aDulT' wants to coNfEsS tO fLorA!!'
People are saying this without knowing the meaning

— Kyle Austin (@xXxKyle667xXx) April 6, 2021
  • MiHoYo only offers few options to play characters who are not white in skin tone
  • Game is representation indigenous people as bad characters in the game
  • The release strategy of the game's different content drops
  • Sexualizing young characters in the game, such as Flora
  • The release strategy of the game's different content drops

Dual Shockers reported that the Boycott trend starts around 3:00 a.m. U.K. or at 10:00 p.m. ET on Apr. 6. The main reason behind the new Twitter trend is the game's representation for Hilichurls. Some fans claimed that this character is inspired by indigenous people.

found unusual hilichurls they look so comfy but i must k word him for achievement😞

— k🌷 (@hopefulvibe) March 31, 2021

They added that making them villains in the game disrespects the culture and makes indigenous peoples' history a negative one.

Michael savage sdlp twitter. Although this is the case, the players confirmed that they don't exactly want to cancel 'Genshin Impact.'

All they are asking is for MiHoYo to change the representation of Hilichurls. As of the moment, MiHoYo hasn't made any statement regarding the current character representation issue.

What Hilichurls look like

Hilichurls are characters that have brown skin and wears a mask with indigenous symbols. They also use wooden bats or spears as weapons, which is also how the indigenous people hunt. Hilichurls also use a flaming club to attack its targeted players.

Aside from these, Hilichurls also wear what looks like white fur. Here are different types of Hilichurls:

  • Hilichurl Guards
  • Hilichurl Shooters
  • Samachurls
  • Hilichurl Chieftains
  • Unusual Hilichurl
  • Mitachurls
  • Hilichurl Grenadiers

If you want to see how these Hilichurls look like, all you need to do is click here.

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