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Fallout 76 takes place just 25 years after the great nuclear war. Because of this, post-apocalyptic civilization is far less developed. It’s up to you to rebuild. Work together or with your fellow survivors to recreate society, or don't - the choice is yours! Be very careful of buying a code for Fallout 76 on G2A. It seems that all of the offers that are on there, are scammers. I got scammed aswell, and don't want you to get too. If you think I'm BSing, just check comments that people wrote to sellers accounts. Don your vault jumpsuit and come back to the wasteland in Fallout 4, the latest entry in the legendary postapocalyptic role playing games.As a survivor of Vault 111 who remembers the world as it was before the bombs fell, enter the Commonwealth established where Boston used to be.Fallout 4 greatly improves on the tried and tested Bethesda formula, with better crafting, combat, story, and more.

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1. PC players please provide the correct Bethesda ID, XBOX players please provide the correct XBOX Tag, PS4 players please provide the correct PSN ID.

2. We will add you as a friend in the game, please accept the friend request.

3. After adding a friend, please wait in the place, we will enter your world and move quickly to your side.

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Fallout 76 G2a

Fallout 76 G2a

Fallout 76 Steam Key G2a

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Fallout 76 Wastelanders G2a

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