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How to Link Excel to PowerPoint? Linking Excel information to a PowerPoint presentation permits you to show advanced knowledge on a lot easier kind that individuals can understand. It will very helpful whenever you’re conducting enterprise or educational displays. Not just it, this feature also permits you to simply create tables on displays and conveniently modify the desk’s knowledge without modifying the presentation itself. Present data in charts, tables, will be a lot easier with linking Excel to PowerPoint. These are the steps:

The wide range of PowerPoint templates provide the perfect starting point for all your graphical and data presentation needs, offering a multitude of themes, charts, and design choices. Use a presentation template for your next school project or add an infographic data chart to your pitch deck to polish and liven up your presentation. With Microsoft 365 for the web (formally Office 365) you can edit and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files on your devices using a web browser.

Opening the Records Data to Hyperlink

1. Open the Excel file you want to hyperlink with the PowerPoint presentation

Choose Microsoft Excel from the Start menu to open it. When you’ve launched Excel, you’ll be able to both select to open a present Excel file or create a new one.


Keep in mind if you choose to create a new doc to link to a PowerPoint presentation, you must save it first as an Excel file because we need a saved Excel file as a link.

2. Open the PowerPoint file you need the Excel file linked to

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint by selecting it on from the beginning menu. As soon as it launches, you’ll be able to both open a present PowerPoint presentation or create a new one by clicking the “File” button.

Linking the Files

1. Choose where you need to insert the Excel file

On the PowerPoint presentation, click on the text area you need to insert an Excel file then click “Insert” tab to view the Insert toolbar.

2. Click “Object” button

This can open a small window known as Insert Object.

3. Click “Create from file” radio button

This can will let you insert an existing file to your PowerPoint presentation, in this case, the Excel document. Ddj 200 rekordbox driver.

4. Choose the file to insert

On the Insert Object window, click “Browse” button and use the Explorer to navigate to the placement of the Excel file you need to link. When you’ve discovered the file, choose it and click OK.

5. Check “Link” option

Back on the Insert Object window, just be sure you verify the Link option right beside the Browse button. By doing this, any modifications made on the Excel file will likely be mechanically mirrored on the PowerPoint presentation.

6. Make sure the link works

Excel Powerpoints

Return to Microsoft Excel and change any data in any of the cells. When you’ve edited one of many cells, return once more to PowerPoint. The information on the Excel object in your presentation ought to mirror the identical modifications you made on the Excel file.

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Excel Powerpoint 2018

Microsoft Excel Worksheet is frequently used to collect, analyze and manipulate data. We mainly use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a professional presentation in front of our colleagues to present these analysis reports such as business plans, sales data, and financial reports created from Excel. So it is very important to know How to Convert Excel Worksheet to PowerPoint Slide. In this article you will learn how to convert Excel worksheet to PowerPoint slide with 6 ways.


1. Copy and Paste Excel Data into PowerPoint

You can copy the data from Excel worksheet and paste them into the PowerPoint slide. But the data in the PowerPoint by copying and pasting will not be updated automatically if the data on the original Excel spreadsheet is changed.

Step 1. Open the Excel file, select the data that you want to copy by dragging the data area, go to Home and then click Copy.

Step 2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and go to the slide that you want to paste the data, right click on the slide and then select the Paste Options from the drop-down menu.

Tips: There are five Paste options that you can choose: Use Destination Styles, Keep Source Formatting, Embed, Picture, Keep Text Only. You can move your mouse to each Paste option to see a preview effect of the template.

Excel Powerpoint Tutorial

Step 3. Click Save to save changes after you complete.

2. Link an Excel Worksheet to PowerPoint

Excel Powerpoint Word

To link an Excel spreadsheet to PowerPoint means that you insert the whole contents of the Excel file as an object to the PowerPoint. You can convert excel to PPT slide by following these steps.

Step 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and go to Insert tab, click Object button under the Text section.

Step 2. After Insert Object pops up on the screen, select Create from file.

Step 3. Click the Browse button to locate to your Excel data that you want to insert to PowerPoint, tick the Link button and then click OK.

Tips: You can resize and rearrange the spreadsheet snapshot by grabbing the edges to make it bigger or smaller, or clicking and dragging to move it in the slide. If you double click on the spreadsheet, the file in Microsoft Excel will be opened.

3. Link a Section of Excel Data to PowerPoint

Sometimes you don't want to link the whole content Excel data to the PowerPoint slide, you can link a section of data in Excel to PowerPoint by the following steps.

Step 1. Select and copy the data on the Excel file, open the target slide and go to Home and then click the inverted triangle under the Paste, select Paste Special (Ctrl + Alt + V).

Step 2. In the dialogue box of Paste Special, select Paste Link, and choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, and then click OK.

Tips: If the source Excel file is renamed by you or you move the source file to another location, the linked file would be unavailable. So the changes on the source Excel file will not be reflected and updated directly on the PowerPoint slides.

Excel Powerpoint Download

4. Embed an Excel Worksheet into PowerPoint

To embed an Excel worksheet in PowerPoint slide, there is no connection between each other. So updating the original Excel worksheet doesn't automatically update the data in the slide.

Step 1. Select and copy the data on Excel file, open the target slide, go to Home> Paste> Paste Special.

Step 2. In the dialogue box of Paste Special, select Paste, and choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, and then click OK.

5. Export Excel Data into PowerPoint as an Image

If you don't want to change or update the data in the slide from the Excel file anymore, you can choose to convert Excel to PPT slide as a picture. Any change on the original Excel file will not be reflected on the PowerPoint slide.

Step 1. Select and copy the needed Excel data, locate to Home> Paste> Paste Special on the target PowerPoint slide.


Step 2. In the dialogue of Paste Special, select Paste, choose Picture (Enhanced Metafile), and then click OK.

6. Reproduce Excel Worksheet in PowerPoint

You can insert Excel data into PowerPoint by reproducing Excel data in PowerPoint.

Step 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and go to the target slide.

Step 2. Go to the Insert tab and click the inverted triangle under the Table tab to define the table size.

Step 3. Select and copy the data on the Excel file, and then go back to PowerPoint slide and paste these data to the new table on it.

Excel Powerpoint Add-in

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