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Excel offers functions, formulas, and pivot tables to help you aggregate and then analyze large sets of information. Excel first truly appeared on the scene way back in 1987, when a version was released for Windows. Excel is a complex and powerful software today, and it gives you a great degree of control over the data in your spreadsheet. PDF Converter To Excel Online There is no need to install a program or download an app. PDF2Go works online with any web-browser. All you need is a stable internet connection and PDF2Go.com. Click the 'Create New' button, a new Excel Spreadsheet will be rendered for you to edit & download instantly. Click inside the file drop area to upload one Excel file or drag & drop one Excel file. Click the 'Edit Now' button, the uploaded Excel file will be rendered for you to view, edit & download instantly.


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Upload the document, the conversion will start automatically.

Excel Online Gratis

No need to leave an email or other personal information.

All files are deleted from our servers after 6h max (without a trace).

Safe and Secure

All data uploaded to our servers will be used for conversion purposes only and deleted promptly after conversion. Your files are accessed only by automated software agents.

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Full Document Conversion

Ubah Pdf Ke Excel Online Gratis

The web app converts documents of all sizes. No matter how complex your data tables are, they will be converted accurately without the need for further formatting.

Exact Spreadsheet Recognition

All tables trapped in PDF will be extracted accurately. The rows and columns structure will be the same as in the original file, but fully editable and ready for reuse.

Excel’s .xlsx Format

The new spreadsheet will be in .xlsx format ready to use in Microsoft Excel (versions 7, 10, 13), LibreCalc, OpenCalc or any other office suite compatible with MS Office.


No Email

There is no need to leave an email address or other identifiable data. Upload your file and the document will be converted right on the page.

Extract Scanned Tables


Besides regular PDF files, the service works with scanned PDFs as well. Woocommerce google analytics. Using the latest OCR technology, it accurately recognizes numbers and data.

Quick and Easy

Excel Online Gratis

Conversion speed depends on the file size and servers overload.

Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive

Import PDFs from your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. Log in, choose a file and start converting.



This service is free to use, without any file conversion limits. Try it out right now.

How to convert PDF to Excel Free Online

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  1. Upload or drag and drop any PDF (regular or scanned) to PDFtoExcel.com. Alternatively, you can import the PDF for conversion directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  2. The conversion starts automatically as soon as the file has been uploaded.
  3. Wait for PDFtoExcel.com to finish conversion.
  4. Download your .XLSX spreadsheet by clicking on the Free Download button.

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