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Excel Practice Test Accounting Training Unlimited www.atunlimited.com [email protected] Page 3 Excel Practice Test 1. An Excel file is called a workbook? A) True B) False 2. What keystrokes would you press to bring up the ^Excel Help window? A) F4 B) F3 C) F1 D) F9 3. If you press the ^Tab key it moves one cell to the left. UExcel exams cost significantly less than tuition for equivalent course credits. Motivated students who set and stay on track with their study goals can save thousands of dollars by taking UExcel exams—compare $110 for one 3-credit exam with the average $900 in-state tuition for one 3-credit course. Free Excel Test for Interviews Microsoft 365 Excel is the most widely used software in today's workplaces. The power of the software is from the most basic calculations to the most complicated including manipulations of text. Employers attribute great importance to software control, and this is a threshold requirement to be hired. This exam measures competency in the fundamentals of creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, creating cells and ranges, creating tables, applying formulas and functions, and creating charts and objects. The exam covers the ability to create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets and use a graphic element to represent data visually. Excel Exam Registration Before declaring a Robins School of Business major or Business minor, undergraduate students must complete at least 12 units including MATH 211 & ECON 101 & ACCT 201 as well as earn at least a 2.7+ cumulative grade point average and pass with an 80% or better the Excel Competency Exam.

Free Excel Test

On the page below you will find free sample Excel test questions. These questions are designed to cover both basic and intermediate levels you will encounter during the actual test. Looking for more in-depth and personalised preparation?

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Interactive Test Questions

Excel exam quizlet

Below are sample questions to give you a sense of what you will face on your test. To answer both the basic and intermediate Excel-style interactive practice questions, use the table that has been provided below.

Copy and paste the table below into a new Excel spreadsheet. Make sure the table is aligned correctly and that the cell marked A1 is pasted in Cell A1 on the spreadsheet.

1ProducerModelTypeFull Model NameYearYearly Sales (Mil, US Dollars)
2VondaGLEMiniVonde GLE200965
  1. Change the table's alignment to Center.
  2. Insert a new row Below Menz.
  3. Set the Page Orientation to Landscape.
  1. Highlight all cells with Yearly Sales above 60 (mil. $).
  2. In cell D3, write a function that combines the 'Maker' and the 'Type' (like in cell D2).
  3. Create a PivotTable for Annual Sales per Year.

Multiple Choice Test Questions

Submit your answers to the questions below and fill out the information form to receive a PDF file with the answers and explanation. Be sure to use the correct email address if you want the answers to be sent you. Hello elementor child theme.

Get Ready for Your Excel Test

Looking for additional practise? Look no further than our in-depth Excel-style PrepPacks™. Whether you are looking for basic, intermediate or advanced preparation, we have you covered. Stimulate your learning process with our easy to use, interactive Excel-style assessments and study guides. Pass your Excel test with confidence by signing up today.

Learn About the 5 Most Common Topics on Excel Assessment Tests

Excel Exam

Download Full-Length Excel PDFs

Below you will find downloadable links to our popular free Excel PDFs. These PDFs are designed to give you an idea of the types of questions you are likely to encounter come test day. Feel free to download them to familiarise yourself with the format, questions and answers of the Excel test.

Excel Test Tips


Below you will find several tips for taking and passing the Excel test.

  • Practise. The best way to pass this or any other test is to practise. Practising allows you to familiarise yourself with the material you will be tested on, thus eliminating the element of surprise. Using preparation materials will expose you to various question types you will encounter on your upcoming test is a surefire way of passing your Excel exam.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Excel tests often come with quite a few instructions for each test section. To make sure that you do everything correctly, it is best to read through each of the instructions prior to performing any of the required tasks. Understanding what you are doing during this sort of test is the key to your success.
  • Relax – you’ve got this. If you have practised for your Excel assessment beforehand, you should have no choice but to feel at ease come test day.

Our full Excel-style PrepPacks™ include all the practice you need to pass your assessment. With two practice modes (testing and learning), full-length tests with dozens of practice questions, detailed answer explanations and score reports, you’re bound to pass with flying colours.

About the Excel Questions and Answers

Many jobs will require some level of Excel knowledge and skill. Among these jobs are administrative and clerical positions. There are three levels of Excel tests: basic, intermediate and advanced. Our preparation packs are designed to cover each of these levels to give you an idea of what to expect during your actual assessment.

Excel tests are structured to test your knowledge of completing various tasks within the application. Our full Excel-style PrepPacks™ include two modes (testing and learning) to stimulate your learning process and navigate you through to a successful outcome.

How to Prepare for an Excel Test

Excel Exam Answers

It may be cliché to say it, but practise really does make perfect. By practising for your Excel test, you will be able to become familiar with each of the tasks that you will need to complete on the job. The best and most useful way to prepare for such a test is to find materials that are interactive and allow you to learn-as-you-go. This is where we come in. Our full Excel-style PrepPacks™ include two modes – testing and learning. Both modes are highly interactive and give you the ability to explore each of the tasks and commands you are likely to encounter on the actual test. Coupled with answer explanations and study guides, our Excel-style preparation materials will ensure your ability to pass your exams with confidence.

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