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Evernote has been quiet for 18 months, but now that their foundations are more solid and the app has been unified across the platforms, they can now focus themselves on shipping new features faster.

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We had a chat with Evernote's CEO Ian Small and we talked about what's going to happen in the upcoming months.


Ian Small explained they brought their first version of the new Evernote to market in the past few weeks, releasing the new iOS app, after 18 months since their announcement.


They decided that, in order to ship more updates, they had to build a new version of Evernote from the ground up.Louise neu twitter.

  • Their main goal is to unify the Evernote apps they have across five different devices and make them work and look all the same.

  • They now write a third of the code they used to since they managed to simplified things during these past months. This means they'll be able to ship updates and fix bugs faster than before.

  • Ian Small's expectation is that they are going to ship more innovation over the next 12 months then they've shipped in the last five years. They aim to get major updates twice or three times a quarter from now on.

  • They plan to have some large-scale innovation; new features that will change the way you think of Evernote and a significant new integration that will give the users more options and change their workflow.

  • Ian Small stated that he doesn't see Evernote trying to keep up with the newest app on the market like RoamResearch and Notion, because they both have their own points and they became known when they started filling the gaps where Evernote had failed over the last few years. At Evernote, they focused themselves on shipping more business-related features than single-user related ones during the past couple of years.

  • Moving forward, Evernote needs to learn from Notion and RoamResearch, trying to implement more innovation that would make more sense for the app without necessarily copy what has already been done. They don't aim to try and make a better version of other apps in the market.

  • The next 12 months are going to be quite exciting. They have three significant advances in the product at various stages that Ian Small called 'boulders', two in development and one in design, that are going to be shipped during the next six to nine months.

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