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Description below was taken from original post at Teach Me, Teacher, by the podcast host, Jacob Chastain.

The latest tweets from @EricRWeinstein. Weinstein's brother Eric coined the term 'intellectual dark web' and described Weinstein as a member. The term refers to a group of academics and media personalities who publish and debate outside the mainstream media. In June 2019, Weinstein began the DarkHorse Podcast, which is typically co-hosted with his wife Heather. The latest tweets from @samharrisorg.

When I started Teach Me, Teacher in 2016, I did so with the goal to talk to great educators in my building. Season 1 of the podcast was entirely made up of the teachers I knew, and a cheap USB mic I plugged into my Mac.

Today, we have featured some of the top minds in education, such as Donalyn Miller, Kelly Gallagher, Hamish Brewer, Todd Whitaker, and Kim Bearden (among others.)

To add to this list in a major way, and to celebrate 200 episodes, I had the privilege of sitting down with Eric Weinstein—one of the major voices in the intellectual spaces of the internet. Eric Weinstein is an American commentator, the managing director of Thiel Capital, and host of The Portal podcast.


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Raft steam keys. His story, and his son’s story, about being constantly overlooked, punished, and mentally abused by a system that is supposed to educate everyone, is powerful. It is a story we can all learn from, use to inform our own practices, and advocate for a better tomorrow in our schools.

Drawing on the parallel between iatrogenic harm (the harm caused inadvertently by the process of treatment), and what happens when educators make wrong decisions that hurt students, Eric makes his case for looking at educational malpractice through a lens of edugenics (harm caused inadvertently in the process of teaching.)

At the heart of this talk, is an honest look at what the brightest kids suffer through in school, and how many schools do not serve the neurodiverse in meaningful ways. This 2 hour discussion goes into both our histories, how they look similar and different, and how the many problems in education today may be the driving force for meaningful change from those who care the most… TEACHERS.

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The Portal Community Discord servers welcome those who wish to engage constructively with Eric Weinstein’s ideas and content.

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