El Capitan Virtualbox Image

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Mac Mini (late 2012) running El Cap (10.11.6) host with 16 GB RAM

Install OS X El Capitan 10.11 Final on VirtualBox on Windows PC With Download LinksEl Capitan ISO File: Virtualbox: https://www. I need to install OS X El Capitan 10.11 as guest OS in VirtualBox running on macOS High Sierra 10.13. I followed the instructions in this guide. I obtained the OS X El Capitan image from here and modified it as outlined in the guide. On startup I get a kernel/cpu panic and was unable to boot.

VirtualBox 5.2.8
Trying to install El Cap as guest using Capitan

Macos El Capitan Virtualbox Image

Selecting In Wizard either Mac OS X (64 bit) or Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan (64 bit) gives same end result
Assign 4 GB RAM
Create Virtual Hard disk - VDI Dynamically 49 GB
System settings ICH9 - enable I/O APC - enable EFI - Hardware Clock in UTC
Processor 1 CPU - Execution Cap 100% - enable PAE/NX
Paravirtualization interface is default - Hardware virtualization enable nested paging
El Capitan Virtualbox ImageDisplay 128 MB - 1 monitor - scale factor 100%
All other settings default
Start VM and select 'Install OS X El Capitan.dmg' from the menu.
Booting starts.
Pauses after ApplFSCompressionTypeZlib load succeeded.
Sometimes it stayes there forever (well longer than I can wait!) and sometimesz it goes on to
Missing Bluetooth Controller.
Another pause then screen turns to garbage with 'no enrtry' sign (circle with slash through it)

El Capitan Virtualbox Image

How can I get it to work?