Dropbox Rekordbox

Rekordbox is NOT one of them. Repeat Rekordbox is NOT recommended by Dropbox to use as a third party app for integration. Unfortunately I learnt this because I am missing 6000+ files in a failed cloud library sync. Rekordbox have not responded and dropbox cannot. Upload tracks and playlists from your rekordbox library to cloud storage service Dropbox and access them with various devices. When you set up cues or create playlists, they’re instantly synced to the library on the cloud and available for you to play on the spot.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the rekordbox 6.0 application from the Pioneer DJ rekordbox website.

Open up Rekordbox on your desktop and navigate to Preferences.

Click on View and select Inflyte from the Layout options, Tree View.

Inflyte will now appear as a sub-menu in your rekordbox sidebar:

Click on the Login button and enter your Inflyte username and password into the pop-up window:

rekordbox will now provide access to your Inflyte Promo Locker and files that have been previously synced to your optional Inflyte Dropbox folder under the Downloaded sub-menu.

Rekordbox Dropbox Sync

Inflyte Promo Locker is an archive of all the promos you have rated on Inflyte in the past. These promos can now be downloaded directly into the rekordbox application. Any time you rate a new promo on Inflyte, the promo will be available in rekordbox for download under the Promo Locker sub-menu. Promo Locker also displays the track you favourited, the rating you gave the promo on Inflyte and the feedback you left for the label (in the comments field)

The Downloaded sub-menu automatically syncs with your (optional) Inflyte Dropbox folder. Promos synced from Inflyte to Dropbox will appear in this sub-menu automatically.


Utilise tiled-view (Mac only) on your Desktop top for a super convenient workflow

Dropbox Rekordbox


  • Inflyte's iOS and Android mobile applications can also now deliver rated promos from Inflyte directly in the Promo Locker on your rekordbox account.
  • Click the reload icon on the Inflyte sub-menu to update your rekordbox with the latest rated promos.
  • Feedback you leave on Inflyte will be displayed in the comments field of your rekordbox along with the star rating and track you favourited on every promo.
  • rekordbox subscription is not required to connect your Inflyte account.

Effortlessly and efficiently manage your rekordbox library with different devices

Seamless library syncing between multiple devices

Upload tracks and playlists from your rekordbox library to cloud storage service Dropbox* and access them with various devices. When you set up cues or create playlists, they’re instantly synced to the library on the cloud and available for you to play on the spot.

* A Dropbox user account is required.

Integrated management of content from various sources

With rekordbox, you can manage different types of media from your hard drive, the cloud, streaming services, and music promotion services – all in one place. You can also use the advanced track analysis and management functions in rekordbox for music stored in all of the above places.

Intelligent file management for fast, smooth track selection

Easily create playlists with tracks that mix together well using features such as Track Suggestion, Related Tracks, and Match. You can also quickly browse tracks by filtering search results based on their My Tag information. And thanks to Auto Relocate, rekordbox automatically finds missing files.

Superior track analysis

When it analyzes music files, rekordbox gathers a variety of useful information such as waveforms, beatgrid, BPM, keys, and phrases. In addition, a new AI-powered algorithm accurately displays the position of vocals. All of this helps the software to perform at a higher, more stable level.

Advanced preparation tools

Prepare well and you can perform at your best. By setting up playlists, cues points, loops, beatgrid information, My Settings, etc. you’ll be ready to give it your all when you DJ.

USB/SD Export and Link Export modes

Play rekordbox-analyzed tracks on a compatible DJ player. Export mode enables you to transfer your rekordbox library or selected playlists to a USB drive or SD memory card and play the tracks from either device. Using Link Export mode, you can play songs directly from your PC/Mac when it’s connected to the DJ player.

  • 2 Player: Mix two tracks within rekordbox to check their compatibility, adjust beatgrids, etc.

  • Vocal position detection: See the position of a track's vocals across the entire waveform so you'll always know when they're going to drop.

  • 3 Band waveform: Understand the structure of the track at a glance. The new 3 Band waveform enables you to see the high, mid, and low frequencies for an even better visual grasp of how the music progresses.

  • Hot Cue: Play instantly from the point you’ve set in a track.

  • Memory Cue: Store multiple cue points for a track and call them up whenever you want.

  • Loop: Set the loop play point [IN]/[OUT] wherever you want.

  • Beat Jump: Jump playback forward or backward by the specified number of beats.

  • Playlist: Create playlists in advance and you can quickly select tracks while you’re DJing.

  • Sync Manager: Sync your rekordbox library with a USB drive or SD card to easily export up-to-date playlists to the device.

  • Recording: Curse of binding removal. Capture your performances – even from external sound sources – and digitize your vinyl to add it to your rekordbox library.

  • My Tag: Set tags such as musical genre and characteristics for individual files in your music library. Then, filter search results by these tags.

  • Related Tracks: View tracks with a similar BPM, key, color, rating, My Tag, etc. as the track selected on your DJ player or tracklist.

  • Match: Manually mark tracks that mix well together and call up a list of tracks you’ve set as matches with the one you’re currently playing on a DJ player.

  • Auto Relocate: Specify a folder and rekordbox will automatically search it to find a missing file if you’ve moved one to a different location.

  • Inflyte: Import tracks from your Promo Locker hosted by the Inflyte music promotion platform.