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Breaking on Twitter: Gabbie Hanna apparently has an NDA. She’s apparently about to break said NDA, and Twitter netizens have been holding their breath about it for the last few days. Pc keypads.

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  • 2 days ago  2021 has been a year of reckoning for former YouTube golden boy David Dobrik. The leader of the Vlog Squad has come under fire following an extremely concerning rape allegation from a former extra, and now numerous fans are calling out Dobrik for physically endangering his co-stars by pressuring them into taking part in dangerous stunts.
  • 2 days ago  David Dobrik was swinging Jeff Wittek around while driving the excavator with ONE hand. He has his camera in the other hand filming him. What the hell pic.twitter.com/1QeDDoaA38 — jamieeee (@jamiejerwa) April 22, 2021.
  • The latest tweets from @DavidDobrik.
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Former Vlog Squad member Gabbie Hanna was often the butt of jokes about her appearance & weight. While she denied bad blood between her and the rest of Vlog Squad in the past, a recent, cryptic message on Twitter from Hanna herself revealed she may be coming out about the jokes she was targeted for on Vlog Squad.

However, since the initial tweet, there’s been nothing but crickets on Twitter. What’s going on Gabbie? Let’s dive in.

What NDA?


For anyone who’s not a legal beagle, an NDA is a non-disclosure agreement, where you agree not to divulge certain things, and they’re very common in workplaces to protect companies’ trade secrets. However, an NDA can also apply to people who are settling a lawsuit. In exchange for a payout, the signee agrees to zip their lips about certain allegations.

Thus, Gabbie Hanna can’t say anything on Twitter, TikTok, or anywhere about what’s included in her NDA, if there’s an NDA at all.

While it’s unclear exactly what is in the NDA Gabbie Hanna signed, it may have to do with old clips of her while she was part of Vlog Squad. It’s also unclear whether there even was an NDA since she tweeted back at Zee West: “this b*tch doesn’t sign NDAs r u kidding me”.

Bully Squad

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Vlog Squad, a merry band of vloggers organized by David Dobrik, has fallen from grace amid allegations of bullying, including racism and fat-shaming, against some of the participants. One of those participants was Gabbie Hanna.

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In one video, Dobrik was seen pranking Gabbie Hanna by giving her diet pills, saying she “would dance better” if she took them. He also reportedly called her ugly and saying he “knew it would hurt”, referring to his “jokes” about Hanna’s weight.

However, when Gabbie Hanna split from Vlog Squad in 2017, she said there was “no drama” between them. In 2019, she even said on Entertainment Tonight that her split with Dobrik & company was amicable, explaining:

“I think it’s important for everyone to understand that in life people just grow apart and that doesn’t mean that something awful is going on. It’s just like I need to be focusing my energy in the studio on writing, working on my fitness, working on my mental health. And it doesn’t leave a lot of time for like . . . like the antics and stuff. I’m also a very anxious person and I need a lot of alone time.”

Gabbie left the Vlog squad in 2017. However, she had revealed that there was no beef between her and David. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gabbie stated that she wanted to focus on herself.

Another Vlog Squad member who spoke out was Seth Francois, who was reportedly made the butt of jokes due to his race. In one “prank” from David Dobrik, Dobrik joked he would get an arrest warrant for Francois. In 2020, in the wake of George Floyd’s strangulation at the hands of police, Francois posted a video apologizing for the harm he caused with Vlog Squad and receipt after receipt of insensitive & offensive jokes.

“I apologize for the content I was involved in, in the past. I promise to never endorse or support anything on the internet that has to do with my culture being portrayed in a negative light. I believe all of these people in these videos are genuinely good people. I hope the viewers and the content creators involved can learn something from this video”, his caption read.

Since the controversy first exploded in 2019 and again in 2020, David Dobrik has posted a second apology video as more brands have cut ties with him over sexual harassment allegations.

In this first video, “Let’s Talk”, he declared consent was important to him. In the latest apology video, he elaborated: “felt crazy to me to accept that there was some kind of toxicity or power dynamic in my friend group, but I hope other creators will take a moment to look at where the jokes end and where the feelings begin.”

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