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The curse enchantments are the bane of the Minecrafter’s existence. They can take the most powerful of items and make them utterly useless. Should the player die in survival mode with their favorite item that has the curse of vanishing on it.Poof! That wonderful item you had is now gone. I believe that there should be a gamerule (or Host Options setting, on PS4,) that makes Curse of Vanishing overrule Keep Inventory. This gamerule/setting would be turned on by default, and when turned on, items enchanted with Curse of Vanishing would still disappear when you.

Minecrafthas a ton of different items, blocks, enchantments, potions, weapons and mobs -- so you could be excused for not knowing everything about the game. In patch 1.11 for PC/Mac, Minecraft introduced two new treasure enchantments called Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing.

Treasure enchantments are enchantments which aren't available through use of the Enchantment Table; you have to find the enchantment through looting chests, fishing, or trading with villagers -- though you can enchant other items with these curses if you find the enchantment in book form.

But what do these new enchantments do? This guide has the answer!

What Curse of Binding Does in Minecraft

The Curse of Binding enchantment can only be found on armor or in enchantment books, and the enchantment can only be transferred from a book to a piece of armor (using the anvil). The Curse of Binding makes it so once you put the cursed piece of armor on, you cannot take it off. The cursed item stays in its armor slot until either you die or the armor breaks from durability loss.


While the effects of the curse are limited, there are some applications where the curse could be beneficial. First, since it’s a treasure enchantment, it’s possible to find an upgrade to your current armor in a survival game. While that’s not ideal if you find something like iron armor, a tough survival game of Minecraft might make you think twice about not putting on cursed armor. And diamond armor with the Curse of Binding has only one drawback: you can’t take it off to enchant it or repair it later.

The Curse of Binding has broader applications for Minecraft mapmakers. The ability to have armor that cannot be taken off can benefit mapmakers who want the player to have certain items equipped at all times, especially when dropping the armor leads to the map breaking somehow.

Additionally, those who are feeling mean-spirited can set up dispensers with leather armor enchanted with the Curse of Binding. On a server, this means that players without armor are stuck in the worst grade of armor until they die or the leather armor breaks. I’m sure more than a few trolls are positively gleeful at the prospect.

What the Curse of Vanishing Does in Minecraft

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment has a much larger pool of items that it can be placed on. In addition to armor, the Curse of Vanishing can be placed on weapons, shields, tools, and Elytra. It can also be found as an enchantment book, and placed onto any of those items using the anvil. The Curse of Vanishing makes any enchanted item completely disappear if you die with it equipped or in your inventory, instead of the item dropping to the ground.

Like the Curse of Binding, the effects of Curse of Vanishing are limited -- but Vanishing has its uses. For one, like Binding, you can find an upgrade to a tool, weapon, shield, or armor through chests, fishing, or trading. Unlike Binding, you can take the item off (and even drop it), to repair or enchant it further. Once you die with the cursed item equipped or in your inventory, though, it’s gone forever.


The Curse of Vanishing has further applications for mapmakers, as well. Harder adventure maps in Minecraft can punish players by removing collected items upon death, or other adventure maps can ensure you don't keep potentially game-breaking items past where the map maker wants you to have them.

PvP servers can also benefit from the Curse of Vanishing on their equipment. Since dying removes the items completely, players can enchant their equipment with the curse and go into battle knowing that even if they die, other players won’t be able to use their own equipment against them later.

There are certainly other uses for both enchantments, but those uses are more than likely limited to map making and modding, rather than survival. In Minecraft, however, “limited” is hardly an obstacle to those creative enough.

Got any other ideas for how these enchantments can be used? Let us know in the comments! - Minecraft features a popular magic enchantment namely a curse of vanishing. It's an enchantment in Minecraft that allows the players to curse on an item in the game. It has some uses, but the main use of the curse is to used to trolling around your friends in the game.

In this article, we will share all the things you need to learn about what is the curse of vanishing and how you can use and remove it. Keep scrolling to check more content!

What is a curse of vanishing?

Curse of vanishing is actually included in the rarest Enchanted Books collections in Minecraft. To get this item, you need to 'sacrifice' an item to be cursed with the vanishing curse enchantment.

You can use this curse of vanishing charm to some various weapons by arranging it together in the captivating table, game order, or an iron block. The compatible items you can combine with the curse include Axe, Swords, Shovel, Pickaxe, Shield, Bow, Hoe, Fishing Rods, and many others.

You can apply the curse to the player's tool. And, boom, they will lose the weapon. When the tool is being cursed with a curse of vanishing enchantment, it will only get removed when the also player dies in the game. It doesn't drop after they die.

For the Curse of Vanishing level 1, the curse will allow you to captivate an item with up to the level, not a higher level. As you need to know, level 1 is the highest level in the Curse of Vanishing.

What Can a Curse of Vanishing Do?

All You Need to Know About Curse of Vanishing - Photo by Gradezone from Pixabay

Not only weapons, but this curse can be applied to any item. It will be vanished forever alongside the player, even if the item is still in your inventory.

After your player dies, the enemies or other players collect the precious items that you dropped. However, if the weapon or tool is being enchanted of the curse of vanishing, the cursed weapon will also disappear and it's not collect-able by your enemies.

You can use this curse for good. Punish your enemy by cursing an expensive item they have with the curse. Also, when you are about to risk your life and you have an expensive weapon that you won't let others have, you can also apply this curse, so your enemies can't recollect your item.

How to Get Curse of Vanishing

Curse Of Vanishing Minecraft Info


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A cursed book can mostly be found naturally in the Minecraft game. You can find it out of good luck or even bad luck.

However, you can get this curse of vanishing easily by trading. You need to set up a Lectern and some Bookcases in a Village. Then, you need to find a Librarian Villager that will finally help you to trade with the cursed book.

After finishing trading with the Librarian Villager you need to unlock more of trade options to increase the chance to find the curse enchantment on the left-hand side. Find around the Temples and Dungeons in order to search the chests for the cursed book.

How to Remove Curse of Vanishing

In the regular cases of death in Minecraft, your weapon or item will drop off after you die. But, it's different from the cursed item. Once you are killed by another player by cursing your item in the inventory. The item will be gone forever once you die. And it's not recoverable.

Is still possible to remove the curse of vanishing? Yes, it’s possible. if you happen to have a cursed and want to remove it, you can di it simply enough. The only thing you need to do is to find the same item as the cursed one.

Get your crafting table and craft the item using the same recipes as what and how you made them before. After you find or make the same tool, you need to merge the two-item together in the crafting table, the cursed one, and the un-enchanted one. This way you can remove the curse and also repair the damaging of the item or weapon.

You can also use a Grindstone to remove the enchantments form a weapon or tool. This could be the fastest way, but it will also remove the other enchantments you have alongside with the curse of vanishing.

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