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Cindy L Landolt, age 57, Kingston, PA 18704 View Full Report. Known Locations: Kingston PA, 18704, Wilkes Barre PA 18702, Laflin PA 18702 Possible Relatives: Jessica D Butts, Eric K Landolt, Squire K Landolt. Nov 2, 2014 - “Last day in St. Tropez and a newsletter from on the way! Cindy Landolt shared a photo on Instagram: “Good Morning Instagrammers 😍 Have a great Weekend ️ and if you haven’t yet please click the Link”. See 294 photos and videos on their profile.

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  • Weight control
  • Fat reduction
  • Muscle gain
  • Rehabilitation training / Muscle gain after Operation
  • Endurance training
  • Nutrition planning
  • Pregnancy training and post natal shape up training
  • Intensive 2 month training for the summer or your summer holiday
  • Intensive Wedding preparation for the dress of your dreams
  • Motivation to achieve your aims
  • Film role preparation
  • Specific Sports-Competitions

She trains Clients from all over Europe, Middle East, as well as overseas in Great Britain, USA and Australia. Her clientel are Sports and Filmstars which she Prepares for Competitions or Film roles.


Cindy is known for her strong reputation for most effective Training programs. The Ethos of her programs is based on long lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. This also explains her huge online Following: Cindy’s Blog articles have been read by over 1 Million People and her famous Best Seller Ebook “The Muscle Mass Routine” was downloaded over 50’000 times.

Because of Cindy’s expertise in Fitness and Wellness she appears regularly in Medias such as Radio, TV, Magazines and Newspapers such as Blick, Sonntagsblick, Bolero, Tagesanzeiger, Tagesanzeiger Luxus, Schweizer Illustrierte, Oxygen, Obersee-Nachrichten, as well as international on or the Australian Radio Station Radio 5pr and many more. Tor browser bundle mac.


Cindy travels around the world to take care of her clients and offers very exlusive personal training services. She respects her clients privacy and offers individual Training and Nutrition Programs, depending on her clients goals, circumstances and needs. If requested, Cindy Accompanies her clients to film sets and competitions, to make sure no details are missed out at the very last moment.

As a Personal Trainer Cindy offers an extensive range of opportunities on a very high level. This way she can guarantee that you achieve your personal Goals due to providing the optimum training conditions. Cindy will create a program that guides you through every stage and step along the way to achieving your goals.

As well as direct training tuition, you will receive detailed dietary supervision and perfected meal plans, to ensure you are getting the results you are looking for without unnecessary delay due to a less than ideal dietary structure.

No area of your physical training and nutritional needs are left in doubt, I offer you the complete solution if you are truly serious about getting the most from your physical lives.

Cindy will accompany and motivate you at every level.

You can decide when and where the training takes place.

“I am Nancy from Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Canada, unfortunately 50 years old now. I ordered your program about three years ago; and it was the first program I have been able to stick to. I just followed what the program and eating plan said for the first year and then added a few extra shoulder exercises that I found online. I did lose several inches around my waistline but my biceps and shoulders have filled out. I can bench press 90 lb and my glutes have toned up considerably. I would say I have the figure of someone much less than my age; and so my bf says as well.”

Cindy Landolt Fan Twitter

“I can’t remember well as it was back in 2013 but I think I gained something like 5/6 kilos of muscles in no more than 5/6 months when I started with your routine and went from being able to do 3 chin ups and 3 dips to respectively 12 and 10 with added 10kg and 20kg (plus the 5/6kg of muscle mentioned above of course). I contacted you back in Jan 2013 and followed your muscle mass training for a year with unreal results. I then moved to a strength and conditioning gym as I was desperate for some training partners but I’ll always be thankful for your program and advices: you got me started to proper strength training, loved it for the last 3 years. Anyway, just writing now as I’ve seen the live training: one world, UNBELIEVABLE, so useful and to be honest the web has never seen anything like that before… so looking forward to the next one, keep strong Cindy.”

Name:? Cindy Landolt

Height:? 5’10” / 179cm

Weight:? 172 lbs / 78 kgs

Location:? I live and work Zurich, Switzerland but travel a lot

Lifting stats:? Squats: 120 kgs (264.5 lbs) for 20 reps / Trapbar-Deadlifts: 145kgs (320 lbs) for 20 reps / Dumbbell Shoulder press: 30kg (66 lbs)(in each Hand) for 8 reps / Bench press: 95 kgs (210 lbs) for 8 reps

Greatest accomplishment from lifting and/or fitness in general:? Squatting and Deadlifting ? the weight I mentioned above were both 3 year goals I have achieved last year. And beyond that helping others in achieving their goals.


Favorite exercise to do in the gym?? Squats, Squats, Squats…and Squats 🙂

Measurements: Any you would like to share? (biceps, quads etc.)

My quads are 64cm / 25 inches

Ever have guys challenge you in any sports, arm wrestling or wrestling?? Yes, I sometimes get challenged for an armwrestle but I never lose 😉 😉

Anything you would like to add or tell your fans?? It’s great meeting and being in touch with so many people from all around the world. I can’t wait to start 2013 and see my online trainees and 1 to 1 peronal training – trainees achieving their goals and being proud of themselves!

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It is brand new and launched on the 23rd of December, I’m currently updating it daily with all the galleries and blogs I have had on my old website and I’m adding many more galleries from unpublished shootings this year!


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