Today PQube made a huge announcement in the otome world. They are bringing BUSTAFELLOWS to the West on console and PC.

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  4. Bustafellows Collector's Edition

Bustafellows Season 2 Same setting Side Kicks! Links: VNStat: Shops » US$ 62.99 @ PlayAsia: Description. Arrive in New Sieg, a beautiful fictional town. Step into the shoes of a strong, smart and gifted journalist in this romantic adventure. You play the part of a. BUSTAFELLOWS A new visual novel from the legendary eXtend! Mixing dangerous romance with murder mystery, BUSTAFELLOWS is a steamy noir mystery that will make you shiver but ask for more!

This highly-anticipated visual novel features a thrilling mystery storyline where the protagonist is a journalist with an incredible power. She can jump into the past by using other people’s bodies. There are five different romanceable characters and a variety of differnt endings to uncover.

There’s no release date announced just yet. We do know that BUSTAFELLOWS will be arriving both on Steam and Switch in 2021.

Including Exclusive Limited Edition ‘New Sieg People Weekly’ Magazine, Originally Featured in Japan Only Collectors Box

PQube and developer NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC are excited to reveal the BUSTAFELLOWS physical versions and Collector’s Edition box, available for pre-order now! Launching on Nintendo Switch and Steam in Summer 2021.

Following the fantastic reception to its 2019 launch in Japan, BUSTAFELLOWS has been one of the most highly anticipated visual novels to be brought to the West.

With a fully voiced protagonist and featuring many renowned voice actors recognisable from Final Fantasy, League of Legends and more, step into the shoes of a strong, smart, and gifted journalist embroiled in a life and death adventure in this thrilling visual novel.

Check out the latest BUSTAFELLOWS trailer:

Romance, mystery, dangerous relationships, and the power to leap back in time and into the bodies of others, BUSTAFELLOWSSlack 101. follows our heroine, a young and independent journalist, as she becomes embroiled in a thrilling plot about love and murder.

Using your notepad to record clues and key pieces of information, solve critical puzzles and navigate complex relationships as you journey into this sizzling interactive mystery. Experience love, loss, fear and fortune as you strive to save the life of her friends.

BUSTAFELLOWS Collectors Edition Box

In partnership with our good friends at Funstock, we are excited to reveal the stunning BUSTAFELLOWS Collector’s Edition box, featuring a physical version of the game, magazine, soundtrack and 6 beautiful art cards.

‘New Sieg People Weekly’ Magazine

Bustafellows nsp

Originally launched in Japan only, BUSTAFELLOWS received critical acclaim leading to the highly coveted status of its limited run collector’s edition. Now, players in the west will have the opportunity to grab an abridged version of ‘New Sieg People Weekly’ magazine as featured in the original Japanese collector’s edition once again.

Featuring original sketches, unique art and character profiles, the magazine has been localised to English and offers an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the development of BUSTAFELLOWS and its captivating cast of characters.

💿 Scarecrow Mixtape 💿

Scarecrow’s Mixtape CD features 27 tracks from the BUSTAFELLOWS soundtrack.

Recorded in Scarecrow’s secret studio, the mix includes ‘Novalis’, ‘Come and Get Me’, and many more

🎨 6 Art Cards 🎨

With stunning character and environmental art from renowned artist Sumeragi Kohaku, the BUSTAFELLOWS Collectors Edition includes 6 unique and dynamic art cards featuring the whole cast

Available for both Nintendo Switch and Steam*, BUSTAFELLOWS Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order on the Funstock Store from today!

*Steam versions will receive a digital download code with no physical box

BUSTAFELLOWS Standard Physical Edition

We are excited to confirm the release of BUSTAFELLOWS in a physical boxed format for eager fans, keen to add the highly anticipated visual novel to their collection.

Standard physical versions of the game will only be available for Nintendo Switch.


Pre-orders are available on Amazon from today!

Bustafellows English


Independent journalist and gifted with the ability to jump back in time, and into the bodies of others, Teuta is fully voiced by Yui Kondou, also known for her work in Zootopia and Berserk


Crooked lawyer with a good heart, Limbo is voiced by the hugely popularKENN, most well-known for his work on Final Fantasy, Pokémon, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more

Bustafellows Cgs


Sharpshooter Shu is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya. With hundreds of previous roles, he can be recognised from notable anime series’ Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia!


Siliconera Pc

With an eye for all things aesthetic, world-famous cosmetic surgeon Helvetica is an expert in changing appearance voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino, also known for his work on Street Fighter V and Kill La Kill.


Chief of autopsy on the New Sieg Police Force, misunderstood forensic expert Mozu is voiced by Jun Fukuyama well known for his many roles including Super Smash Bros, Persona 5 and more!


Bustafellows Collector's Edition

Famous hacker and cyber-geek, an expert in all things tech, Scarecrow is an unforgettable character voiced by Yusuke Shirai, also featured in Side Kicks! and World End Syndrome.

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