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Apr 09, 2021 Yonkers Force beat Yonkers Brave, 42-19 at their football game, April 9, 2021. The Braves have a couple solid young arms, but they have enlisted an aging King to pull up rear end duties as the number five starter. There is a mishmash of youth and experience in the Braves' rotation, and it will prove key towards how good this team turns out to be. The official scoreboard of the Atlanta Braves including Gameday, video, highlights and box score.

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As part of the Brave Rewards program, users who participate in Brave Ads receive 70% of the advertising revenue. That reward comes in the form of Basic Attention Tokens, purchased with advertiser dollars (or other fiat currency, when the advertiser does not pay in BAT). These routine purchases are listed in the table above.

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This page is intended to help you, the visitor, understand the growth, development, and ongoing impact of the Brave Rewards program, and the associated Basic Attention Token. This page will communicate the size and scope of the Creator community, activity within the Brave Ads platform, routine conversions of advertiser dollars into BAT tokens, and more. The information presented here is updated regularly, and will encompass additional data points in the future.