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I bought some volumes on Ebay or from various out-of-print bookstores.
However the best source is Nadir Kitap. I have done business with them for years. Very reliable and fast. They are a central web store like ABE, selling books from many different stores. They usually have some of the officials for sale.
Using dünya harbi or birinci dünya will find quite a few of the volumes.
Http://belisarius21.wordpress.comBelisarius 21 for saleBelisarius21The series was originally printed as softbound books. Some were rebound as hard backs. There is always a mix available. A set of Robin Higham's210 Official Histories and Belisarius21

Belisarius 21 For Sale

Official Military Historical Offices and Sources helps in knowing what was published. The Turkish works are mainly in volume 1 of Official Military Historical Offices and Sources



Belisarius 210


Belisarius 21 Year