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The Beaver Builder Theme is a WordPress theme. The Beaver Builderplugin and Beaver Themer are both plugins.

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WordPress Themes Beaver Builder is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. And for a very good reason. Even the free version of the plugin has a 4.8 rating at, and the premium edition has what seems to be a never-ending stream of happy customers.

Every WordPress installation requires a theme. Themes control the header andfooter on the page, as well as options such as a sidebar or footer for widgetsand how blog posts are displayed. Themes also usually allow you to set someglobal styling options for your pages, such as fonts and colors.

  • Beaver Builder Theme Awesome Software, Great Support, and a Helpful Community. Beaver Builder is the page builder ye be able have faith with thy business. Take rule then be a part of on 500,000 WordPress websites timbered along Beaver Builder. Why Beaver Builder is Your Best Choice.
  • The Beaver Builder Theme isn't required for the Beaver Builder Plugin but it's a great framework theme with clean code and lots of options that are set in the WordPress Customizer.
  • With Every Theme. Our templates are included with the Page Builder Plugin and you can use them with any theme. For best results, consider the Beaver Builder Theme.

The Beaver Builder plugin lets you easily create layouts in the content areaof the page. That's the part of the page that is not controlled by a theme.For more information on the difference between the content area and themeareas of a page, see the primer article.

The Beaver Themer plugin is an add-on plugin that uses Beaver Builder tocreate layouts that you can apply anywhere on the page except the contentarea. For example, you could create a Themer layout for a header and use it toreplace the standard theme header on all pages on your site or a subset.

Which of the three Beaver Builder products do you need?

The Beaver Builder plugin is the base product, and it's used for creatingcontent layouts. It works with most themes and does not require the BeaverBuilder Theme or Beaver Themer.

The Beaver Builder Theme is a well-coded framework theme that is tightlyintegrated with the Beaver Builder plugin. The Beaver Builder plugin plusBeaver Builder Theme give you enough flexibility that you'll probably neverhave to buy another theme.

Beaver Themer is the add-on to get if you want to do any of the following:

  • Create header or footer layouts that override your theme.

  • Create layouts for index, archive, search, and 404 pages that are dynamically generated by WordPress.

  • Create layouts to display single posts, which override the parts of the page that lie outside the content area.
    With this type of layout, you use the WordPress editor to create the content that appears in the content area of the page.

  • Create layout 'parts' that can be inserted above or below headers, footers, or the content area and specify where they will appear.
    This layout type is ideal for inserting items like banners on a number ofpages.

Beaver Builder Theme Review

Beaver Themer requires the Beaver Builder plugin, but it doesn't require theBeaver Builder Theme, even though all three are designed to integrate welltogether. See the list of themes that are fully supported by Beaver Themer.

an adaptable framework for all your WordPress projects

  • Codeless Website Control
    We've fully adopted the WordPress Customizer for all of our theme settings. This enables you to live preview any of your theme setting changes.
  • Developer Friendly
    The Beaver Builder Theme was engineered to be manipulated and extended!
  • Bootstrap Framework
    The Beaver Builder Theme utilizes the popular Bootstrap framework as its CSS base. With best practices baked in and a thriving community, Bootstrap puts you in good hands.
  • Use on Unlimited Sites
    Whether you're building one website or one hundred, you'll want to pick a lightweight, versatile theme that you'll enjoy working with.

Every person that buys Beaver Builder becomes part of the family.

Every person then benefits from what any other family member creates.

Chris Lema

Beaver Builder is the best drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin on the market.

It allows you to easily create beautiful websites and landing pages without writing any code.

Syed Balkhi

Beaver Builder helps you work smarter, not harder.

Beaver Builder is the ideal WordPress page builder for all WP Engine customers.

WP Engine

$399First Year. Renews yearly at a 40% discount.
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 Year
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme
  • Multisite Network Settings
  • White Labeling
$199First Year. Renews yearly at a 40% discount.
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 Year
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme
  • Multisite Capable
  • White Labeling
Beaver builder theme
$99First Year. Renews yearly at a 40% discount.
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 Year
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme
  • Multisite Capable
  • White Labeling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Not the right fit? No problem, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll happily get you a refund.

Beaver Builder Theme Vs Astra

You are free to use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of sites!

Yes! Your subscription will renew with a 40% discount automatically applied. If you opt out of the automatic renewal, you can still access the discount for two weeks after your license expires.

Absolutely! You can upgrade your subscription at a prorated rate by visiting the 'My Account' page when logged into our site.

Beaver Builder works great with almost every WordPress theme. If for any reason it doesn’t work, we will work with you to ensure it does!

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin with an optional framework theme. The Page Builder works with almost any theme and controls the content on your page. The theme controls the header, footer, and styling of the rest of your site.

Although we don’t get many refund requests, we gladly refund your purchase if it’s requested within 30 days.

Beaver Builder Themer Create Website

Sure. We have a hosted demo where you can play with all of Beaver Builder's features in real-time. Build beautiful pages, customize layouts, and see just how easy it is to use with your own eyes. Also, there's a lite version with limited features in the repo. Rainbow six siege twitter.

Yes. Your Beaver Builder subscription will automatically renew at a 40% discount after one year, although you can easily disable the auto-renewal on your account page. However, an active license is required for product updates and support.

Yes! Our agency package is geared towards anyone that wants to create their own DIY hosted website publishing business. For large-scale or hosting integrations, please contact us!