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There are no hard and fast rules about which brush to use for what purpose. Although trends still sweep through the art world, the overall trend is to use the brush style and bristle composition that works best for you. As such, the descriptions given are just a starting point. Natural bristle paint brush b&q. They are not intended to limit experimentation and creativity.

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Established in 1929 by Frederick Mink, the FM Brush Company has over 85 years of experience in creating high quality brushes that feature the right blend of form and function. Here at Hofcraft we carry a variety of popular art and craft brushes in the Dynasty Black Gold series, Dynasty Black Silver series, Decorator 300 Series and other assorted brush lines.

Ideal for varnishing, painting or staining. Any application where brushstroke marks or hairs left in the finish will be a problem.


We carry a fantastic range of art brushes for every medium including oil, acrylic, water colour and specialty paints. Art Shed offer artist's brushes for students through to professionals at affordable prices and are always ready to help you select the perfect brush for your needs. Ideal for small hands or special needs, Pro Art Easy Grip Brushes feature natural hog bristle and an easy-to-hold design with a knob-shaped end for mess-free painting. The brushes have 4-3/4' painted wood handles, plastic ferrules, 3/4' long hair, and a 1-1/2' knob grip.

KingArt (Cornell family) Premium Brushes
6000 Series Radiant Brushes
9000 Series Original Gold Brushes
Decorative Painting Brush Set
Value Brush Sets

Loew Cornell Brushes

Choosing the right brush is ultimately a matter of personal preference. However, each type of brush hair possesses its own unique characteristics that make it favorable for certain
mediums, surfaces, and styles. Brushes can be divided into five major hair types: Synthetic Hair, Mixed Hair, Natural Hair, Natural Bristle, and Synthetic Bristle.

2000 Series Soft Comfort brushes
3000 Series Comfort Grip brushes
4000 Series American Painter brushes
7000 Series La Corneille brushes
Big Brushes
Brush Sets - All Media
Fabric Brushes
Foam Brushes
Gesso Brushes
Kids Art and Craft Brushes
Maxine's Foamie Basecoater
Maxine's Mops
Stencil Brushes

Princeton Art and Brush Company ensures the finest quality in their products. Princeton Art and Brush Co. is proud to have handcrafted and tested all of their brushes to ensure their consistent performance.

Princeton 3050 Series Decorative Mini-Detailer - NEW!
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Choose from pure Kolinsky Sable Quills, Golden Taklon Liners, Kolinsky Sable Designer Rounds, Kaerell Golden Taklon brushes and more!


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Robert Simmons has been making popular brushes for many years. Teachers have come to our warehouse with Robert Simmons White Sable brushes that they have treasured for 30 years. We carry the Tolemaster Brushes for Decorative Painters and White Sable brushes for Watercolor.

We have Robert Simmons Skyflow, Goliath, and Skyscraper brushes for watercolorists..

Other Robert Simmons brushes are available via special order. Allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery. Minimum quantities of 3 to 6 of a particular brush may apply.

Expressions Brushes
Sapphire Angle Brushes
Decorator Stencil Brushes
White Sable Watercolor
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Royal - A good quality Golden Taklon brush for those who are looking for the best value.
Langnickel - Blend of badger hair is soft yet has good snap. Is very wear resistant. The secret to their spring and capacity lies in a substantial amount of hair set in the ferrule. Some of our artists have brushes in use that are over 20 years old!

Sharon uses these brushes frequently throughout painting projects in her books and within her many design packets.

Brushes designed by a decorative painter, for decorative painters!

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Susan Scheewe's multi-media brushes are encompassing in their range and versatility and comprehensive in their application. Each brush can be used for any painting medium; watercolors, acrylics, gouache, tempra, oils, etc.

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Winsor and Newton Regency Gold 500 Series brushes are designed for the Decorative Artist. These short handle brushes work great with acrylic paints and give superior performance at a modest price. Long lasting and reliable, you can be assured of consistent quality, brush after brush.

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