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Anthony Scaramucci at Tommy Lasorda's 90th birthday celebration at the Getty Center on Sept. 24, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

18.7k Followers, 16 Following, 36 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Anthony Scaramucci (@scaramucci). Anthony Scaramucci is name that rings a lot of different bells to a lot of different people. But a lot has changed for The Mooch since his brief stint in Trump’s White House back in 2017, and he’s quick to admit letting his ego get in the way of his life, marriage and business. Steve Scully's Twitter account deleted amid scrutiny of tweet to Anthony Scaramucci The C-SPAN host believes his account was 'hacked'. The tweet was posted by Scaramucci's business partner Lance Laifer without the approval of Scaramucci, who was in London at the time; when he found out about the tweet, Scaramucci was reportedly furious at Laifer.

After resigning from the board of advisors to Tufts University’s Fletcher School, Anthony Scaramucci doubled down on his demand that a Tufts graduate student apologize for writing critical opinion pieces about him in the student newspaper.


“I will not allow the defamatory remarks to stand without reprisal. I am all for free speech,” Scaramucci said on Twitter on Tuesday night. “Defamation is something I take seriously, so should the school and the student.”

Scaramucci, a Tufts alumnus who briefly served as President Trump’s White House communications director, resigned from the board on Tuesday following weeks of Tufts students and faculty members calling for his removal. Scaramucci had been scheduled to speak at Tufts on Monday, but the event was canceled after he demanded an apology and threatened to sue graduate student Camilo Caballero, who described him in an op-ed as “irresponsible, inconsistent” and “an unethical opportunist.”

On Tuesday night, in response to a tweet about whether he is calling for Tufts to punish Caballero or the TuftsDaily, Scaramucci said “not at all.”

“I have asked for an apology,” he tweeted. “Or he needs to back up his comments about my integrity and ethics. I would like him to speak more not less. Back it up or apologize.”

ACLU lawyers representing Caballero released a letter on Tuesday describing Scaramucci’s claims of defamation as “wholly without merit.”

“We therefore ask that you and your client immediately stop threatening a student op-ed contributor simply because your client does not like what the student has to say,” the letter said. “The protections in our state and federal constitutions— not to mention basic human decency—require no less.”

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EDIT POST© Provided by New York Daily News Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump

Anthony Scaramucci Tweets

It’s the summer silly season so you knew the “Mooch vs. Donald” show would be back in reruns sooner or later.


Onetime pals Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump fired barbs at one another on Twitter over the raging coronavirus pandemic and the coming reckoning at the ballot box.

Scaramucci, known as “The Mooch” was fired as the White House communications director after a tumultuous 11-day stint in 2017, mocked Trump for bungling the response to the pandemic and costing America 160,000 lives and 40 million jobs.

“We are tired of all the losing,” The Mooch wrote. “Thankfully it will be over on 11/3. America will heal and rebuild.”

The Loser is you: 162,000 dead, 40 million American jobs lost on your watch. We are tired of all of the losing. We wanted you to succeed but you are an abject failure. Thankfully it will be over on 11/3. America will heal and rebuild.

Anthony Scaramucci Twitter

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) August 10, 2020

Trump returned the insult volley by claiming the former White House staffer was “making a fool of himself” in a Fox News interview a few minutes earlier.

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Video: Is Trump suppressing his own voters with his false attacks against mail-in voting? (MSNBC)

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Is Trump suppressing his own voters with his false attacks against mail-in voting?

“Anthony is a loser who begged to come back,” the president of the United States wrote on Twitter. “I said ‘No Thanks.‘”

The childish name-calling is just the latest episode in the two men’s ongoing playground spat that has been going on since Scaramucci joined a parade of onetime cronies who turned on Trump.

Scaramucci has rebranded himself as a Trump critic in recent months and returned to Fox News with an appearance on host Steve Hilton’s show Sunday night.

Anthony Scaramucci Twitter Today

The Mooch railed against Trump for 10 minutes, accusing him of ignoring science when faced with the greatest crisis in a generation. That apparently got under the president’s skin, prompting his unseemly response.

Trump has claimed that he is working round the clock to break the logjam with Congress over the stalled coronavirus stimulus negotiations.

He enacted four executive orders on Saturday, but Democrats rejected them as a lame and called for new talks for a real package to boost the economy.