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Alex Berenson is a former American reporter for the New York Times. Moreover, he is an author. The man left the Times for being a full-time author. As of now, he has launched various books that became the bestsellers.

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Alex Berenson, an independent writer who was once at the New York Times, has been among the loudest critics of the restrictions that have been put in place to fight coronavirus. And, in some cases. Install oracle virtualbox on mac. The latest tweets from @brithume.

NameAlex Berenson
BirthdayJanuary 6, 1973
Age47 years old
ProfessionFormer reporter/ Author
WifeJacqueline Berenson
EducationYale University

Attention citizens! Your Dept. of Pandemia wishes to congratulate our nation’s brave deputies for enforcing the new and improved social distancing laws, which now include fish. Expect more arrests soon as further improvements are made. Attention citizens!


— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) April 4, 2020

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Apr 16, 2020 Berenson, bolstered by his Times pedigree, presents as a thinking man's Clay Travis, another COVID-19 truther who rails against so-called 'coronabros' on Twitter. Berenson, he would have you. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The latest tweets from @brithume.

10 Facts on Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson Twitter

Alex Berenson (@alex Berenson) / Twitter

  1. Alex Berenson(born on January 6, 1973) is a former American reporter and author. His age is 47 years. Likewise, his star sign is Capricorn.
  2. The reporter has a Wikipedia. Besides, many online sites have details about his professional life. However, it is had to dig out his personal life.
  3. Berenson is a married man with children. The man tied the knot with Jacqueline Berenson. She is a forensic psychologist. Besides, there is no information on their children.
  4. Alex is a handsome man. After all those years of aging, he has maintained himself. He still looks young and energetic in comparison to his mates.
  5. The man earned quite much during his career. He is one of the best reporters and best authors. So, his net collection is heavy as well. But the exact figures of his net worth is still unknown.
  6. Alex was born to a loving family. He has siblings as well. However, anything about his parents and siblings is not available on the internet.
  7. Berenson did his high schooling from the local school in New Jersey. After that, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Yale University.
  8. The man initially worked as a business reporter in Denver Post. Following that, in 1996, he joined It was a financial news website. Finally, the man joined The New York Times in 1999. He worked as a business investigative reporter.
  9. Similarly, Alex started to write novels in different genres. Most of his books were the New York Bestsellers. Moreover, he left The New York Times in 2010 to write novels.
  10. Berenson has a Twitter account. The man has amassed 20.8 K followers on his account.