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Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing tool with all the power you’ll ever need. Live retouch tools work in real time and its speed means there’s no waiting to see your results. Non-destructive editing, raw processing and end-to-end color management are standard, so Affinity Photo has all the featuresVox media brands. required to make beautiful photographs spring to life.

  1. Post your experience of using Affinity Photo Beta builds on Mac OS READ ME FIRST: Reporting a bug in an Affinity Photo Beta build. Please report any bugs using the release builds in the Photo bugs on MacOS forum So that we are able to investigate bugs thoroughly could you please follow this advice.
  2. Affinity Photo Beta By Razvan Serea News Reporter Neowin Feb 5, 2018 04:46 EST with 0 comments. Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing tool with all the power you’ll ever.
  3. Affinity Photo does not replace Lightroom or Capture One. It's more of a Photoshop competitor / replacement. I have two workflows, one for raw files based on Lightroom, and one for quickly pushing out JPEGs (for wire service assignments) based on PhotoMechanic and Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo is fast and powerful with a lot of features.
  4. What's new in Affinity Designer Beta: Added 'Limit Initial Zoom to 100%' preferences option (defaulted to off) Fixed crash on document load when the OpenCLOn12 compatibility pack has.

What's new in Affinity Photo Beta: Added 'Limit Initial Zoom to 100%' preferences option (defaulted to off) Fixed crash on document load when the OpenCLOn12 compatibility pack has been.

Affinity Photo comes with a huge range of high-end filters including lighting, blurs, distortions, tilt-shift, shadows, glows and many more. Correct and enhance images with Levels, Curves, Black and White, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights and over a dozen other adjustments that are previewed instantly and can be edited any time.

Other features include raw image processing, PSD import and export, colour management, accurate adjustments, high-end controls for channels and masks, advanced layer handling, batch processing, focus stacking, and much more.

Fixes done in Affinity Photo Beta:

Affinity Photo Beta Mac

Affinity photo beta

Affinity Photo Beta Download

Affinity photo beta product key
  • Fixed crash when access is denied to the ProgramData directory (diverts to user's AppData)
  • Fixed objects not adding to symbols correctly
  • Fixed crash dragging in empty Library panel
  • Fixed crash pressing up arrow in opacity edit box
  • Fixed SVG import not using units (was always at 72dpi)
  • Fixed SVG loading of hidden attributes
  • Fixed SVG loading of strokes with no line style but with width
  • Added ability to break curves in multiple places at once
  • Fixed export to allow forward slash
  • Fixed Brush Dialog not updating after changes to context bar or via shortcuts
  • Fixed undo/redo of brightness in Tone Mapping persona showing reverse in UI
  • Fixed being unable to rotate image past -0.7 when using increment
  • Added missing tooltips in the New Batch Job dialog
  • Fixed Export Size not changing when using Selection with/without Background
  • Fixed colour swatches dragging colours from the panel over objects
  • Fixed Gradient Tool flyout disappearing when trying to adjust RGB Sliders
  • Fixed SVG import of stroke-dasharray values when the array has an odd number of items
  • Fixed SVG import of stroke-dasharray='0' (now parsed the same way as stroke-dasharray='none')
  • Fixed SVG import to use case-insensitive colour names
  • Fixed Preferences > Performance dialog entries shifted too far left
  • Fixed missing warning icons in Export Persona
  • Added PSB file extension to open dialog
  • Fixed images copied from Microsoft paint appearing upside down
  • Fixed not opening maximized after resetting the Preferences options
  • Fixed Swatches panel 'Create palette from image' incorrectly needing document
  • Fixed having a .(dot) before the file extension not populating the Save As dialog
  • Fixed Dust and Scratches and Halftone live filters missing entry on Layer panel
  • Fixed equations not flagged red if they are not complete and correct
  • Fixed Export allows decimal point pixel sizes
  • Fixed manually editing guides on second artboard give incorrect value
  • Fixed starting or opening a document with no visible window area causes it to be inverted

Known Issues (that did not affect earlier betas):

  • Brush Editor dialog sliders are laggy (fixed in next beta)

Download: Affinity Photo 281 MB (10 Days free trial)
Download: Affinity Photo Beta 283 MB (requires a valid product key)
View: Affinity Photo Homepage Screenshot

Affinity photo beta product key

Affinity Photo Beta Ipad

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