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Aespa’s Karina, who is known for her flawless visuals, had fans in awe once again with her recent yoga photos.

Twitter @aespaofficial. Instagram aespaofficial. Aespa debut kr 19 th nov 20. Photo album containing 2 photos of Giselle. 201128 haeinyss Instagram Update - Karina & Giselle with backup dancer 210223 aespa Twitter Update - Giselle 210107 aespa Twitter Update - Winter & Giselle 210314 aespa Twitter Update - Giselle & Ningning 201030 aespa Twitter Update - GISELLE Debut Photos 201120 aespa Giselle 201223 aespa Twitter Update - Giselle - MerrY aespa-mas 201124 aespa Giselle. 201230 Aespa Twitter Update - Happy Birthday WINTER & Happy New Year MY! Posted by 16 days ago.

Photo album containing 14 photos of aespa. Aespa for Dazed Korea Magazine March 2021 Issue aespa - 'Forever' Concept Teasers 210308 aespa Twitter Update 210309 aespa Twitter Update 201128 aespa - 'Black Mamba' at Music Core (MBC Naver Post) 201124 aespa - 'Black Mamba' at The Show (SBS Website Update) 210210 aespa Twitter Update 201031 aespa Twitter Update - Debut Group Photos.

She posted several photos on their official Twitter and Instagram, revealing her beautiful body line and flexibility.

Her lean figure is accentuated by the dim lighting as we can see her doing various ballet positions.

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Her core strength could also be seen as she perfectly goes into a forearm stand.

Fans who saw her post were totally not prepared for these photos!


β€” jacey (@dolcerinas) February 17, 2021

Karinaaaa you never fail to make MY hearts go wild. Unnie I love you. Take care always. Be happy always. πŸ’•

β€” ^_^ β€’_β€’ (@SilentLoverMY) February 17, 2021


Can you name the members of aespa

β€” HOBI DAY ⁷ 🍦 (@cultseokjinnie) February 17, 2021

Some fans also noticed that it was the same yoga room where other SM artists also exercised!

Ohhhh! Wordpress page builder. Same where Joy do also her flying yoga and also mark and johnny you can watch it at nct daily β€πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’– #NCT#AESPA#REDVELVET#KARINA

β€” Jaem (@13Dym31) February 17, 2021

In conclusion, Karina is truly the queen of visuals and talent!


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