6 Inch Paint Brush

We have a comprehensive collection of Purdy Paint Brush sizes and types. Ox-Hair, Pro-Extra, Black China – we’ve got it all. We stock a Purdy Paint Brush for every skill level and project.

  1. Kingorigin Paint Brush
  2. Screwfix 6 Inch Paint Brush

Our large stock also means that we have the perfect brush for every budget. Our products are priced to sell, and our website makes it easy to compare prices.

Kingorigin Paint Brush

The new and improved Brush Comb works with The new and improved Brush Comb works with most paint brushes. The comb has 18 teeth for detailed cleaning. The comb has 18 teeth for detailed cleaning. The handle of this comb is made of molded plastic that holds the teeth securely for long-lasting performance. 6 inch European Professional Stain Block Paint Brush - Natural Bristle/Wood Handle - for Paint Job with Acrylic, Chalk, Oil Based, Latex, Stain, Watercolor, Wax, Varnish Paints. Purdy Paint Brush & Roller6-Piece Kit. The Purdy 6-Piece Professional Kit contains everything you need to start painting, including a 2-inch XL Glide brush, 2 9-inch x 3/9-inch WhiteDove roller covers, a 9-inch heavy-duty roller frame, a metal paint tray and a paint tray liner.

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On our Purdy Paint Brush page, you’ll find a detailed description of each Purdy product to make it easy for you to find the right one for you. They contain information about the bristle material, the cut and angle of the brush, and extensive details about how to best utilize each brush.

Screwfix 6 Inch Paint Brush

Best Paint Brushes


Purdy Pro-extra Swan Paint Brush

A blend of synthetic bristles including nylon, polyester, and Chinex makes this Purdy paintbrush unique and supreme among conventional paintbrushes. The Swan Paint Brush will surpass all your expectations and perform well in all your painting projects. Suitable for all types of paints and comes with an ergonomic handle made out of beautiful, natural hardwood.

Purdy XL Brushes

Glide Paint Brush

If you want the paint to slide off the brush in an eloquent and tidy manner we recommend this brush with a premium blend of Satin-Edge Nylon (Tynex®) and Orel® Polyester. Works well with all kinds of paints, including oil-based paints and can be used for interior and exterior projects. This purdy brush paints a wide path due to its angle sash. Paint corners and narrow edges with the same fluency of professional painters.


Purdy Ox-Hair Brushes

Purdy Ox-o-thin - Ox-hair Paint Brush


If you are curious about the art of brushmaking, you will find this Purdy paint brush to be exquisite. It is made with ox-hair, the softest most supple natural filament Purdy uses for its handcrafted brushes. Perfect for ultra-fine enamel and varnish projects where an elegant finish is desired.

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Wondering where purdy paint brushes are made? The founder of Purdy paint brushes, Desmond Purdy began handcrafting paint brushes in his garage in Portland Oregon. It’s this kind of dedication and craftsmanship that ThePaintStore.com supports. You will be able to find multiple brands in our online paint store with the same integrity, legacy, and artistry!

We pride ourselves on helping you find exactly what you need for your unique project. We want the best for our customers, so we carry an extensive collection of high-quality brushes and other painting tools to make sure you can find exactly what you need. From sponges, combs, surface preparation tools, paint brush sets, paint brushes, to rollers to cover your purdy paint rollers, ThePaintStore.com has it all!

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