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ESPN posed an extremely important question on Twitter, causing heated discussions and many differing answers. The question was, 'Which video game franchise would you revive?' The tweet featured nine different sport video game franchises that are no longer around. This lead to NFL 2KLenovo numeric keypad. trending on Twitter, which has sparked some nostalgia for fans.

NFL 2K was the main competitor to the EA Sports Madden franchise, but unfortunately was canceledwhen EA signed an exclusive deal with the NFL for use of players and teams. 2K and EA Sports have always been competitors, trying to make the best sport simulation games for years. NFL 2k5 released at half the price of Madden NFL 2005, which ultimately caused the rivalry to boil over. Now, many fans are remembering the amazing gameplay of the classic football simulation and choosing NFL 2K as the franchise they would want to revive.

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For many, the gameplay and game modes for NFL 2K is a good reason to revive the game, but for others, it is the sheer disdain for the Madden franchise. Some fans believe that once Madden eliminated the competition, the quality of games dropped off significantly. With not a lot of innovation for new game modes or gameplay mechanics, many believe that Madden just releases the same game with slight changes every year. However, Madden may have to step up its game because the NFL and 2K Sports reached an agreement, so a new NFL 2K is most likely in the future.

ESPN NFL2k5 was the best football video game I ever played. Can't believe Madden hasn't figured it out yet. They just keep releasing the same game over and over. 2k5 had so many amazing features for it's time.

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— Ayden Jent (@Ajent20) July 20, 2020Twitter

Out of the nine video game franchises listed, many fans are divided on which would be the best to revive. The two basketball games, NBA Ballers and NBA Street were arcade streetball games, widely considered some of the best basketball video games of all-time. Two baseball franchises, MLB Slugfest and MVP Baseball are chosen by some fans, while Fight Night and SSX stand apart as the only boxing and snowboarding games on the list. However, the football fans are most divided, with three different games to choose from.

NFL 2K, EA Sports NCAA Football, and NFL Street have fans arguing which is the best football franchise despite the games being fairly different. NCAA Football was discontinued in 2014 due to licensing and the use of player likeness. The debate for which franchise is better rages when NFL 2K is compared to NCAA Football. While the end of the franchises are nine years apart, fans still believe one or the other is superior.

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There does seem to be an overwhelming amount of fans choosing the football franchises, indicating that many fans are longing for more football experiences in video games. Fans may not have to wait long, because the next NFL 2K may be coming out in 2021. Despite the division between fans, each of the franchises are missed by so many, but the memories remain from the lost franchises.

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