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Get help when you can’t use 1Password in your browser because the extension can’t connect to the app.
  1. If you always want the newest, shiniest version, you can download the latest beta release of 1Password. Beta releases are still in development so you might experience a few bugs or crashes. Don’t worry though, your data is as safe as ever. 1Password 7 beta for Windows. Requires Windows 10 or later. 1Password beta for Chrome, Edge, and Brave.
  2. Testing out Brave with 1Password X by Emily Marchant on Jul 5, 2019 As people grow more cautious of online tracking and data collection, space is opening up for privacy-conscious browsers like Brave, a relative newcomer that’s enjoying some time in the spotlight. To see what all the fuss is about, I’ve been giving Brave a spin.
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About the message

Browser extensions include support for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave and Safari. There's even an app, called 1Password X, that lives in your browser if you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Brave.

1Password 6.8 for Mac introduced a more reliable method for saving and filling in browsers called native messaging.

Native messaging improves the performance and reliability of the 1Password classic extension, especially when proxies, antivirus, and other security software would otherwise interfere with 1Password. If 1Password is unable to detect support for native messaging in your browser, you’ll see this message.


What you should do

For all browsers

1password Brave Extension

First, try restarting your browser. If you’re still having trouble, follow these steps to allow 1Password to use native messaging in your browser:

  1. Open Terminal, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

  2. Copy and paste the following command and press Return:

  3. Open 1Password. Hold down the Control and Option keys on your keyboard and choose 1Password > Quit 1Password Completely from the menu bar.

  4. Open 1Password again.

  5. Restart your browser.

  6. Follow the additional steps below if you use Brave, Vivaldi, or Chrome Canary.

If you use Brave

If you use Brave, make sure you’re using Brave 0.17.19 or later. Earlier versions do not have support for native messaging.

Using 1Password in Brave requires 1Password 7 or later.

If you use Vivaldi

1password Braves

If you use Vivaldi, make sure you’re using Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 or later. Earlier versions do not have support for native messaging.

If you use Chrome Canary or Microsoft Edge

If you use Chrome Canary, follow these steps to allow 1Password to use native messaging in your browser:

  1. Make sure the 1Password app and your browser are both in the Applications folder.

  2. In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder. Copy and paste the following path and press Return:

  3. Copy the file named 2bua8c4s2c.com.agilebits.1password.json to your desktop.

  4. Choose Go > Go to Folder. Copy and paste the correct path for your browser and press Return:

    • Google Chrome Beta: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Beta/
    • Google Chrome Dev: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Dev/
    • Google Chrome Canary: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Canary/
    • Microsoft Edge Beta: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge Beta/
    • Microsoft Edge Dev: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge Dev/
    • Microsoft Edge Canary: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge Canary/
  5. Open the folder NativeMessagingHosts or create it if it doesn’t exist. Taylor nolan tweets.

  6. Drag the file named 2bua8c4s2c.com.agilebits.1password.json from your desktop into the NativeMessagingHosts folder.

  7. Restart your browser.

Get more help

If you’re still having trouble:

  1. Create a diagnostics report on your Mac.
  2. Contact 1Password Support with a description of the problem and attach the diagnostics report that you created.